“Football fever” has been widespread in Germany not just since the summer fairy tale of 2006. But at this year’s World Cup, the big outbreak has so far failed to materialize.

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So far only a small outbreak of “soccer fever”

Lucky again! One pandemic is declared over by parts of the traffic light coalition and then we miss the next one by a hair’s breadth. An illness that is very well known in Germany, a kind of fever, would have been responsible for this.

But fortunately there is this one global organization that does everything to nip this football fever in the bud: the international football association FIFA. It actually appears every four years in a particularly strong form as “World Cup fever”.

This year, the wave started about half a year later than expected, but FIFA knew immediately what to do: if World Cup fever only sets in during the cold season, the super spreaders, also known as “players”, are simply sent there , where it’s warm: in the desert.

Criticism of working conditions in Qatar

A good decision, because another epidemic that has cost many lives has just been declared over there after years. It was triggered by the construction fever that often precedes World Cup fever. However, a causal connection has not yet been ascertained by FIFA.

These measures alone would probably have been enough to at least contain the World Cup fever in this country.

Queer hostility of the host country

But the philanthropists in world football association not only protects us from World Cup fever, but also from another disease before it can assume pandemic proportions: tolerance.

There is too much tolerance in the world – and then the World Cup fever super spreaders want to openly show that they are infected with the tolerance virus! Not with FIFA and certainly not in the desert! A pleasant side effect: Even less World Cup fever.

There was a lot of discussion about the One Love bandage worn by team captain Manuel Neuer. If he wears the bandage, FIFA threatens a penalty. The DFB is considering legal action against the international football association.

Ulmer, team photo

Low audience ratings at the opening of the World Cup

The extent to which this spread is not recorded by the RKI, but by various public law institutions. In the case of World Cup fever, it is not the incidence that is measured, but the so-called “quota”.

Escaping the virus is difficult. On the one hand, the media authorities criticize and fight World Cup fever, on the other hand they spread it – without being asked – into every living room.

But it can already be seen that significantly fewer people are infected with World Cup fever than during the last outbreak – a complete success for FIFA!

If, despite all the precautionary measures, you have caught the World Cup fever, then SWR reporter David Beck can recommend a vaccine. Neither an mRNA vaccine nor a protein vaccine can help, but an ethanol preparation: Instead of watching football, it’s better to drink mulled wine at the Christmas market.

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