This would explain why this character has made such extraordinary inventions.

After years of waiting, One Piece has finally Revealed the identity of Dr. Vegapunkwho bears a reasonable resemblance to a famous real-world scientist.

Also, after having officially introduced Vegapunk, the plot of the series has quickly turned to tackle countless mysteries and riddles who were in the background, because thanks to this scientist they have been able to clarify some events that were pending in the work.

The appearance of Vegapunk in this arc has been of great relevance, since this genius is a key piece to connect all the holes and mysteries that the development of the story had left. In addition, in the most recent chapter it has been possible to know the devil fruit power of this scientist, which would explain why this man is full of vast knowledge. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from Chapter #1067 of the One Piece manga.

Vegapunk’s Devil Fruit Ability Has Finally Been Explained

Dr.Vegapunk's Akuma No Mi Has Finally Been Explained

Dr.Vegapunk’s Akuma No Mi Has Finally Been Explained

The revelations that the recent arc of One Piece has had have generated a lot of expectation among the followers of the work, since finally it has been possible to observe indications that this series has entered its final stretch.

The last chapters of One Piece have revealed highly relevant information for understand the events of this playWell, thanks to Dr. Vegapunk, information has been released about the Empty Century and the destruction of the town of Ohara.

In the chapter #1067the real Dr. Vegapunk has been introduced to Luffy, Chopper, Jimbei, and Bonney, the latter has been very intrigued to see itbecause he immediately asks what happened to his head, since it has markedly reduced compared to how he had it in the flashbacks of the events in Ohara.

Vegapunk has revealed that he has cut his brain, due to the large size that it had acquired

Vegapunk has revealed that he has cut his brain, due to the large size that it had acquired

Dr.Vegapunk responds and tells him that he cut it off because his size had grown exponentiallybecoming as large as that of a giant, this increase is due to the Akuma No Mi that this scientist possesses, since he is a user of the Nomi Nomi No Mi.

The Nomi Nomi No Mi, grants its bearer the ability to Unlimited storage of information and knowledge, basically becoming a Brain-Man. Likewise, this scientist has also commented that he was born a geniusso it has an infinite data bank in its brain.

Vegapunk has become a Man-Brain, due to the ability that his devil fruit has given him.

Vegapunk has become a Man-Brain, due to the ability that his devil fruit has given him.

Due to this ability that Nomi Nomi No Mi grants and the amount of information collected by Vegapunk, his head and brain had grown enormously, so he made the decision to cut it and place it in the top of the islandso that it works as a kind of record bank, because it is still growing as it continues to learn and collect data and information.

Likewise, Vegapunk has also highlighted that the apple that he now has on his head is a antennawhich allows you to be connected at all times with your brain.

Undoubtedly, this explains why this scientist has carried out multiple experiments and feats ahead of their timebecause the ability of its fruit is exceptional.

Dr. Vegapunk and Bonney are in grave danger.

Rob Lucci and CP0 arrive at Egghead

Rob Lucci and CP0 arrive at Egghead

This chapter has also revealed that both Dr.Vegapunk and Bonney are are in grave dangerbecause the CP0 has arrived at Egghead with the vile and cheap excuse of return a Seraphim inspired by Kuma to this island.

However, the orders of this group seem to be different, since they have arrived on this island with the intent to assassinate Vegapunk and Bonneysince the scientist by revealing information about the Void Century and all the events of Ohara has become a target of the World Government.

During this chapter, it has been observed that Luffy will finally meet his father, since the arrival of CP0 on this island seems have triggered an alarm in KumaBonney’s father, who is apparently heading towards this place with Dragon and some members of the revolutionary army.

Everything seems to indicate that the next chapter will come full of great revelationssince all the events that have happened so far have been crucial and have generated great hype among lovers of this work.

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