Military personnel on a mission generally have no time to waste. Their sleep should be short and restful. The latter are forced to develop techniques to rest quickly. One of their favorite methods can be used by everyone.

A rest period of ten minutes in a particular position

A fast and effective nap. Soldiers on mission must manage to find sleep despite the discomfort and noise pollution characteristic of military camps. Several methods have been developed to help them recharge their batteries in minutes. Podcast host Mikhaila Peterson asked retired Navy SEALs commander Jocko Willink about it. And when he felt tired on his forehead, he would take a nap. “It was supposed to last between eight to ten minutes,” he said.

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This resting time must be optimized by adopting a certain position. Jocko Willink advises to lie on the ground and put your feet up, on a sofa, cushions or any other element that would raise them. “If you’re really tired, you’ll fall asleep very quickly and when you wake up you’ll feel like you’ve slept for six hours,” says former commander

A technique that is not suitable for everyone

Naps are very beneficial for regain energy quickly. But although very popular with American soldiers, this method may not be suitable for the general public. The position advocated by Jocko Willink does not particularly improve sleep quality or falling asleep, according to Dr. Rebecca Robbins in an interview with the Everyday Health site in August 2022.

However, it can be particularly effective in people with high physical activity, such as soldiers or athletes, says Sigrid Veasey, professor of medicine and sleep specialist. Raising your legs can help “drain the muscles of lactic acid accumulated during exercise”, she explains.

And if the micro-naps have real restorative effects, they are however not achievable by everyone. In an interview with Glamor UK in July 2022, sleep expert Dave Gibson explains that this method is not very pragmatic. ” The idea of ​​falling asleep fast enough to take an eight-minute nap before the alarm goes off doesn’t sound very realistic, especially since for most people falling asleep takes much longer than 8 minutes. Similarly, comparing the benefits of eight minutes of sleep to those of six hours of nocturnal sleep makes no sense,” says the specialist. The latter recommends turning to naps of twenty minutes.

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