Cryptocurrencies led him to build an empire that remains hidden somewhere in the crypto world. Yesterday his lawyer reported his death in an exclusive resort in Estepona

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The death of Javier Biosca is surrounded by as much mystery as the last years of his life. Gone are the days of an affable worker in a hardware store or trying to get ahead with your own digital marketing company in Torrijos (Toledo). The cryptocurrencies They led him to build an empire that is still hidden in some secret place in the crypto world and may never come to light. Yesterday his lawyer communicated the death of Biosca after falling from a fifth floor in an exclusive hotel and residential complex, Valle Romano Golf & Resort, in the Malaga town of Estepona.

Seen in perspective, the episode can be a good metaphor of his last stage, in which everything happened in a dizzying and unexpected way; a stage where Biosca he was capable of combining the most sordid episodes with the greatest luxury at his disposal. The National Court was investigating him as the main defendant in the first macro-complaint in Spanish judicial history for an alleged Pyramid scam with cryptocurrencies.A collapsed house of cards.

Biosca he had lived for years in Torrijos. They said of him that he was a calm and affable man, attentive at all times to his mother and devoted to love for his wife and his son. Both women marked his life and were very present in all the decisions he made until he became a guru of the crypto universe. From his small company dedicated to web design, SEO and SEM among other virtual tasks, he began to lay the foundations of Algorithms Groupan investment platform that grew at a meteoric rate.

The secret was in promise returns of up to 25% weekly by invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other almost unknown digital currencies at the time. It was the year 2018 and at that time they were friends and relatives of Javier Biosca those who were encouraged to invest. The good results soon spread the word and soon hundreds were interested in having their services. Javier’s fortune skyrocketed at the same rate as his clients grew and Torrijos It was too small for him, so he decided to set course for Marbella along with his wife.

Both formed an ordinary marriage until they ceased to be. She worked in a hairdresser’s before fortune exchanged hair dryers for Marbella mansions. In an imposing house she became the hostess of great parties full of luxury, alcohol, exclusive performances and money, a lot of money. On Javier’s birthday, for example, they even set up a casino with dealers included to celebrate it. Money came and went relentlessly. Always in cash, yes. There is no property in the name of the alleged offender now deceased, but that does not mean that he did not have or does not have resources.

Nothing is known of one wallet with 37,000 bitcoin which stored in a exchange and that they supposedly left the system through a cold wallet. Months before his arrest, Javier Biosca He was trying to close the purchase of his own bank in Guinea-Bissau to circumvent the limitations that traditional entities placed on his continuous movements of money, but he did not manage to do so.

In June 2021, the Police stopped him in a routine check to verify that he had not broken the restrictions still in force due to the coronavirus, and after showing a falsified IDHe was arrested.

3,000 affected by scam

It is believed that the number of people affected by the alleged scam of Algorithms Groupclose to 3,000 people, although only 750 of them are persons in the cause. As of May 31, 2021, the volume of the alleged deception of which Biosca amounted to 818 million euros, but the total amount could multiply that figure several times. Those who know the case closely say that among those affected there are not only small investors and individuals, but also politicians, tax inspectors, judges and very influential people the social, political and economic landscape.

For all this, Biosca was accused of crimes of continued fraud, misappropriation and misrepresentation in public document. He had been free for three weeks after depositing the bail of one million euros that he had set for him in the Central Court of Instruction Number 1 Alejandro Abascal. Now it is not known what will happen with the case.

Both the Criminal Procedure Law and the Criminal Code contemplate the extinction of both the action and criminal liability in the event of the death of the person under investigation. Although in this case, the magistrate also Investigate Algorithms Group broker’s wife and his son, informs esther gomez.

Emilia Zaballos, president of the Association of People Affected by Cryptocurrency Investmentssent on Tuesday, as soon as he heard the news of the death, an urgent letter to the Court to “bring to the attention” of the magistrate the news of the death. “It is known, reported on several occasions, the number of threats that Mr. Biosca has received from criminal organizations that have invested with him, so they must investigate these facts of death and practice an autopsy before burial or cremation, to ascertain the identity of the deceased and the cause of death. For what we are interested in, any cremation of the corpse is prohibited until the autopsy is done,” Zaballos has requested. The mystery, therefore, continues.

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