For its return to the World Cup, Canada must face some cash flow problems. Between shortage of jerseys and disputes related to premiums.

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World Cup 2022

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As for each first participation or great return to the World Cup, the waves of uncertainty affecting the nations concerned are quick to surge. And for this 2022 edition, it is Canada’s turn to suffer. Sportingly at the height, the Canucks are indeed dropped by a disorganized federation, having failed to identify the economic issues magnetized by this place in the World Cup.

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To find the source of the problem, we must therefore go back to last March. In Beaverton, Oregon, the brains of Nike were indeed presenting the models (templates) that will wear twelve of its thirteen sponsored selections: France, Brazil, England, Croatia, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South Korea, Australia. A nation is then missing, Canada. An insignificant event at first, this absence will quickly turn into a scandal across the Atlantic. In September, for the final pre-World Cup gathering, and while the selections officially unveiled their new tunics, The Athletic indeed revealed the underside of the “Nike affair”.

The American media thus specified that the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) had not in fact applied the regulations established by FIFA, relating to the production of sports equipment. Indeed, the federations and their equipment manufacturers are invited to submit any jersey project at least eighteen months before any official release. For Canada and in view of the 2022 World Cup, the process of creating these liquettes should thus have been presented to the authorities between December 2020 and March 2021. A constraint that the CSA has never followed. Clearly: Canadian leaders, in partnership with Nike since December 2018, have not bet on their qualification for the World Cup. Forgotten, the men in red will therefore have to stick with sets that are almost four years old. “It just shows that no one really believed in us” plague Sam Adekugbe, attacker, present in the list of 26.

“A World Cup is never trivial, and when a new shirt comes out, it often arouses a certain expectation. In addition, it is an item that we players will cherish for a long time. » Sam Adekugbe


These elements, Earl Cochrane, representative of the federation, hardly tries to refute them. “This story has been a succession of imbroglios. Nothing was planned, and we had big planning problems. Conversely, for girls, everything is in place with Nike so that the equipment comes out on time. » Once is not custom, priority is finally given to the female selection, to the detriment of boys relegated to the background. Because this incident, intentional or not, saves the CSA several thousand dollars in production costs. A godsend, for leaders reluctant to let a single cent escape – since these jerseys are still on sale at 154 Canadian dollars (111 euros) in official stores – even if it means going to clash with their own players.

“It’s certainly symbolic for people, but, personally, I would have liked to have had a new jersey… A World Cup is never trivial, and when a new jersey comes out, it often arouses a certain expectation . Plus, it’s an item that we players will cherish for a long time.” , concludes Adekugbe. A real disappointment, including Jonathan David, who came to hide the Nike comma on his shirt when celebrating a goal scored against Qatar in a friendly, headlined. First concerned, footballers are struggling to hide visible frustration on all floors. It must be said that after the debate on the jerseys, it was another question of money that came to shake the maple.

“The strike is not really a good idea. I won’t interfere in this story, but everyone has to find a solution, because the only ones to be harmed are the supporters. » Justin Trudeau

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Eager to obtain 40% of the bonuses allocated by FIFA and almost complete control of their image rights, the internationals actually came up against a categorical refusal from the CSA, wishing to grant only 10 to 15% of the prize money. Example that set fire to the powder: an advertisement with the Gatorade logo, whose headliner is Alphonso Davies. Obviously not informed of the spot, the full-back and his agent Nick Huoseh immediately asked the federation to stop the sale of “Davies” flocked jerseys. The conflict will thus have spread throughout the preparation of the Canucksto the point of pushing John Herdman’s proteges to go on strike last June, during a friendly against Panama (incidentally, the players also complained that they only had two free tickets for the World Cup and that the cost of family travel are not covered by the federation).

This did not fail to react to the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. “The strike is not really a good ideahe assured at a press conference. I won’t interfere in this story, but everyone has to find a solution, because the only ones to be harmed are the supporters. » Cold as in Manitoba, the climate surrounding the Canadian selection could therefore freeze the enthusiasm for this return to the front of the stage. To Davies, David and Co to warm it up.

By Adel Bentaha


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