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  • Greek weddings are famous all over the world and are steeped in tradition

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In the world, we can find different types of wedding. The choice of one or the other will depend on your tastes and, above all, on the religion you profess. If we take a look around the different countries, we find a type of wedding that attracts a lot of attention: the greek links. Greece is one of the countries with the oldest traditions and symbolism in the world, so if you opt for celebrate a greek wedding You will have to take into account different aspects. At Divinity we tell you all the details.

orthodox tradition

Greek weddings are celebrated by the orthodox rite, which attaches great importance to commitment. During the celebration, the bride and groom will exchange rings, which will be blessed by the priest and placed on the left hand.

It will be necessary to take into account what marks the orthodox

The role of single friends

It will be common for the couple to invite their single friends to their home, since they will be the ones who will decorate the future home of the couple. To do this, they will use a very special product: candied almonds, a very typical sweet and very present in Greek weddings. Finally, family, friends and guests will give the bride and groom the wedding gifts.

Days you shouldn’t get married

If you are going to celebrate a Greek wedding, you should know that tradition dictates that avoid certain days to celebrate the link such as the festivities of Christmas, Lent or the feast of the Virgin Mary in August. In addition, many families respect what is called ‘mourning for the dead’, and wait to get married a year after the death of a loved one.

Greek weddings, on Sunday

Unlike what is done in Spain, Greek weddings are usually celebrated on Sunday. In the church, it will be the groom who waits for the bride at the door to enter together surrounded by white candles.

Symbols during the ceremony

Throughout the ceremony, the bride and groom will wear white crowns that symbolize that the two will become the kings of their family and that the priest will have put them at the beginning. Also, they will be united by a ribbon that will represent the union of the couple.

The bride and groom will carry an infinity of symbols.

The bride and groom will carry an infinity of

Then, the ‘betrothal‘, when the bride and groom exchange rings, which they will do up to three times. This is because that number represents the Holy Trinity. For its part, in the act of wine, the drink will be shared with all the guests as a symbol of love for their loved ones, sharing with them both spiritual and material goods.

The last step of the ceremony will be the dance of isaiah, which will be when the priest guides the couple around the altar three times as a symbol of the eternity of their marriage. Once all these acts have been completed, the priest will remove the crowns and bless the union, putting an end to the Greek wedding.

How the celebration will take place

But what is the celebration about?

But what is the celebration about?

The banquet will be very important in any greek wedding and there will be dishes like Yuvetsi, a lamb stew, or Tiropita, a cheese paste, or Baklava, a paste sweetened with honey and walnuts, which will always be present. Regarding the celebration, you should know that Greek weddings can become in especially funny. It will be there when the ‘hasapiko‘, a traditional dance in which the dancers hold each other’s shoulders. Also, it will be very normal for us to see people breaking dishes, since this will serve to scare away bad luck.


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