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León, Guanajuato.- A young man that visited the city of León to enjoy a vacation and attend the International Balloon Festivalhe had a very bad taste in his mouth and a terrible impression of the hotel service in the city, because they entered steal in his room in the Hotel San Francisco, Leon.

The young woman, through the account of TikTok @arigallegos12denounced in a video how in the company of another person they were victims of a robbery inside the hotel.

The hotel is located on the boulevard Adolfo Lopez Mateoswhich is the main road of the city, a few blocks from the Polyforum and hotel zone of the city.

The user explained that when they arrived in the city it was difficult for them to find a place to stay and that even though they already they had read some bad comments from the hotel, was the only option.

“It is a very ugly hotel, the truth is staff is not very cordial what shall we say, the first that day we arrived, my vap was stolen (electronic cigarette)”, recounted the young tourist.

He recounted that a hotel employee entered the room under the pretext of cleaning, from which he took only a few towels and left “maybe (he went in) to see what we had”, he added.

After attending the balloon festivalexplained that when they returned to their room they found it open with the door forced as if they had kicked it to enter.

We came back late at night and we saw that the bedroom door was openIt was forced, like they kicked it, opened it or I don’t know how.

“I was the guard close and we told him you are a witness to what is happening so the guard came in and checked He asked us if we needed anythingSo we were in shock.

They changed our room then, when we were in the other room we realized that we needed money”, recounted

When they wanted to denounce the fact to management, they no longer found the guard and the manager refused to serve themuntil they entered his office without notice and reported the fact to him

The guests, who they weren’t the only ones robbed that night, they explained that contrary to receiving support from the administration, the manager got upset and threw them out of the hotel for having called the Police and they refused to provide any information to find the culprit.

“So if you want to spend a good vacation do not stay in this hotel Because they rob you, they break your door and I don’t know what else happens in this hotel, it’s the worst, the worst, the worst hotel where you can stay”, advises the young tiktoker.

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.The video generated hundreds of comments the vast majority of support, others apologies and offers of accommodation next time by TikTok users from Leon, although there was no shortage of detractors who normalize crime by blaming the girl for trusting the establishment.

Comment, from users before the disagreement of the young woman on TikTok

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