23 Nov 2022 8:12 am

The Russian energy company Gazprom is threatening to cut gas transit through Ukraine. The reason for this is said to be that less gas crosses the Ukrainian-Moldovan border than is delivered across the Ukrainian-Russian border.

On its official Telegram channel, Russian energy giant Gazprom announced that the gas bound for Moldova, which flows through Ukraine, does not fully reach the destination country. This is Russian gas that will be supplied to Moldovan consumers via Ukraine under a contract with Moldovagaz. Gazprom literally:

“The amount of gas delivered by Gazprom at the Suja gas metering station for transit to Moldova via Ukrainian territory exceeds the physical amount transferred at the Ukrainian-Moldovan border.”

The gas metering station in the Russian city of Suja is located 300 meters from the Russian-Ukrainian border and is the largest transit corridor for Russian gas supplies to Europe.

Now Gazprom is threatening to reduce gas supplies to the Suja gas transmission station for transit through Ukraine by the amount of the daily undersupply from November 28, “if the imbalance in transit through Ukraine persists for Moldovan consumers.”

As of November 22, Gazprom says it is delivering 42.9 million cubic meters of gas per day to Suja through Ukraine. The Russian company added that Moldovagaz had paid part of November’s supplies under the gas supply contract the previous day. Gazprom also specified:

“The volume of Russian gas actually delivered, pending payment for the current deliveries in November, is 24.945 million m³ of gas. The total volume of gas retention in Ukraine is 52.52 million m³ of gas.”

Meanwhile, Ukraine spoke up and denied Gazprom’s allegations. The Ukrainian gas transmission system operator’s statement said this was a “gross manipulation of facts” in order to further limit the volume of fuel supplies to European countries.

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The Ukrainian company assured that all the gas collected from Ukraine at the border with Russia will be transferred to Moldova. However, part of the gas remains in Ukraine in the form of a “virtual reversal”. Gazprom’s intention to limit gas supplies is seen as an attempt to block the “virtual reversal” tool, increase dependence on Russian natural gas at the beginning of the heating season and deprive Moldova of the ability to use Ukraine’s natural gas transmission systems and underground To use gas storage, it was said.

The “virtual reversal” is a gas exchange between the operators of long-distance gas transmission networks. In this case, the European recipient “sells” this gas to the Ukrainian side without the gas physically crossing the border.

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Source: RT

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