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The Qatar World Cup, despite the fact that it has already held its first matches, is still surrounded by controversy. In this case, it has been a new example of violation of Human Rights and individual freedoms. A Brazilian journalist, from Pernambuco Statehas been harassed by various members of the FIFA and the organization of the championship.

The reason has been that these officials have confused the flag of Pernambuco, which is completely blue with a small rainbow in its central part, with a flag LGBTI and that is also identified with similar colors. These members of world soccer’s highest body were too nervous to interpret that this Brazilian journalist seemed to be trying to carry out some kind of public protest in favor of the collective.

The moment has been recorded on video and has circulated through social networks in recent hours, going around the world and receiving all kinds of criticism. Qatar is once again the protagonist due to a new scandal that, as has happened with the previous ones, they will try to hide or justify as they have done with all the events that have occurred in recent days.

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Despite the fact that the video that explained this awkward moment went viral on Wednesday, the sequence occurred on Tuesday during the match between Argentina Y Saudi Arabia that ended with failure of the team he leads Leo Messi. A situation that the Brazilian informant himself wanted to denounce through his social networks.

The victim of this unfortunate spectacle is Victor Pereira, journalist from the State of Pernambuco. He was proudly carrying the flag of his region when members of FIFA and the World Cup organization began to harass and intimidate him with the aim of scaring him. However, as he himself has recounted, this situation has gone even further.

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Pereira’s story

He was officially prohibited from wearing the colors of his flag, since it had been confused with that of the LGTBI collective, and they even confiscated his mobile phone, leaving him at times incommunicado in a country he did not know. A situation that caused him a small crisis and a short period of time under really considerable stress.

In his public confession, Pereira assures that the FIFA members approached him, seized his flag and threw it to the ground in order to stand on it and step on it in a clear threatening and humiliating attitude. To try to defend himself, the journalist took out his mobile phone and began recording the serious altercation. The situation could have gotten worse, but luckily, he was able to find images on the well-known Internet search engine Google to show these people that it was the flag of a Brazilian state.

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Thanks to that, they returned his flag, but they took his mobile to force him to delete the video in which the organizer was seen stepping on the Brazilian regional flag: “They held a ceremony to say that everyone would be welcome and well received here in Qatar and we are not. Look what I went through today. There were moments of great tension, I was extremely nervous. In Pernambuco we are very passionate. For me, stepping on the flag of my state is an offense. I will never accept it.” This is how Victor Pereira himself lamented after experiencing a gruesome situation a few hours before FIFA prohibited Manuel Neuer to wear the famous bracelet ‘OneLove’ in his debut match against Japan.

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