In her book, Me, mother of Jonathann, Martine Henry confided in the life of her son and Alexia Daval. She notably mentioned her disagreement with her daughter-in-law, before her marriage.

In October 2017, the body of Alexia Daval was found in a wood in Haute-Saône after several days of research. Facing the camera, Jonathann Daval, her husband, appeared collapsed and he had not hesitated to express his deep sadness on numerous occasions. A few months later, he revealed to be behind the murder of the young woman, stating that she had been strangled and beaten. Five years after the events, Martine Henry comes out of silence in a book entitled Me, mum of Jonathann and available since November 17th. The mother of the murderer connects the confidences and she remembers in particular the day of the wedding of her son with Alexia Daval. The two women had had a disagreement, which she never forgot. “When I asked my daughter-in-law if she could show me her wedding ring, she refused.“, she recalled before adding: “And she told me, half fig, half grape, that now that her name was Madame Daval, she could tell me what she wanted to tell me“. A remark that Martine Henry did not appreciate very much”. “It was humorous but there was, as often, a kernel of truth.“, she assures.

The relationship between Martine Henry and Alexia Daval was not easy, according to the words of the mother of Jonathann Daval. “I did not have a lot of chemistry with my daughter-in-law but, at that time, I told myself that it was secondary“, she asserts. “It was Jonathann’s choice, they loved each other, it was obvious. He was his Doudou, she was his Princess“, she continues before adding: “The important thing was, in my opinion, that they were happy.” However, there are things that Martine Henry has never forgotten about this marriage and in particular the fact of not having been able to help her son choose his costume. “As if good taste was not of his rank“, she assures before adding: “He was very handsome in his original costume, black with embroidery. He was smiling and Alexia looked so happy“. A union that marked her a lot. “When I think back to this marriage, it seems unreal to me that I sometimes wonder if I really lived it“, explains Martine Henry before indicating: “All this beauty, this light, this sun… before the darkness in which we have been stuck since October 28, 2017“The murder of Alexia Daval was a real tragedy for her parents but also for Jonathann Daval’s mother.”If he had confided in his relationship problems, maybe could we have stopped the infernal mechanics that led to the crime“, she lamented.

Martine Henry: why couldn’t she help Jonathann choose his costume?

In this book, Martine Henry is determined to reestablish her truth. After discussing a disagreement with Alexia Daval, she mentioned her son’s choice of costume. If she claims to have found him very beautiful, Martine Henry deplores the fact of not having been able to help him. The reason ? “Class struggle. The “legitimate” family, the Fouillot family, the one to whom Jonathann turned, the one who – before the tragedy of course – succeeded“, she wrote first. “It is also one of the springs of the Alexia-JOnathann couple, this inequality transpires from the whole file“, she continues before adding: “Jonathann goes to see Martine in secret from his wife, he lets his in-laws believe that he is assimilated, that he has become like their son, almost denying his ancestry“. Critics that pain Martine Henry a lot. “Alexia also dominates Jonathann by her position because that she seems to have the self-assurance of well-born people, who leave modesty to people of little“, she concluded.


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