For anime fans, Tuesdays have quickly become ‘Chainsaw Man’ day, and with this week we’ve already passed the series hemisphere. We still have a few chapters left to close the season, but the seventh episode of the anime is causing a stir in networks due to the first scene of the series that ends up being censored.

Warning! Logically here are spoilers for chapter 7 of ‘Chainsaw Man’ if you haven’t seen it yet

better outside than inside

MAPPA has proven to be a study that does not cut too short when it comes to being explicit, and already in ‘Chainsaw Man’ they have shown us some scenes where they are unchained and with all the gore that is necessary. So without a doubt it is curious that they censor a detail where precisely neither blood nor viscera appears.

The current arc has led the group of demon hunters to face the Demon Eternityand after much suffering with the fight at the end Denji manage to defeat him. Before reaching that point, his companion Himeno He promised Denji that if they got out of the situation alive he would give him a kiss, so now it was time to keep the promise.

During the celebration, the group is eating and drinking and it is seen that Himeno has gone a bit too far with her drinking… Because instead of kissing Denji, what he does is throw tremendous pota into his mouth. This first kiss from Denji is one of the most unpleasant moments at the beginning of the manga, because in addition Tatsuki Fujimoto He draws the scene with great detail and bumps.

In the anime the scene unfolds more or less the same, but MAPPA has decided to tone it down a bit by pixelating the vomit and reducing the amount. In addition, it has also left out a shot in which the facial expressions of the two characters made the situation even more cloudy and disgusting.

In networks, the scene has had a somewhat mixed acceptance, with fans complaining about the first censorship in the anime and many others saying that in fact the scene seems funnier and more disgusting. In any case, it is curious that in such an explicit anime, MAPPA chooses to censor precisely this scene, which opens the door to perhaps having more pixels in the future.


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