Without a doubt this is one of the most unpleasant moments that the series has had.

With each passing chapter in Chainsaw Man the plot becomes more and more more interesting for viewersWell, many are waiting for the outcome that Denji will have in this work, since most of the events revolve around this boy and his banal dreams.

In the few chapters that have been broadcast in the anime, it has been possible to observe Denji facing various demons in the series, since all this with the purpose of carrying out some of the shallower dreams that this 16-year-old boy has, since this young man always lived under great limitations.

It is evident that this series has been full of several somewhat strong moments that have been shown with total normality to the spectators.

However, the most recent chapter of this work, has censored one of the most unpleasant moments from the series. Next, we tell you the details.

This post Contains spoilers from Chainsaw Man anime episode #7.

Himeno and Denji’s kiss has been censored

Denji and Himeno's controversial kiss was censored in the anime

Denji and Himeno’s controversial kiss was censored in the anime

The most recent chapters of the Chainsaw Man anime have been full of unique and incredible momentsWell, Aki and Himeno, together with their team, have gone in search of a demon that is bothering a hotel in the city.

However, upon arriving at the hotel, they enter this site to hunt down this demon. However, to everyone’s surprise fallen into the trap that he had prepared for them, because they are trapped in a kind of maze or loop that makes them take steps in circles, returning to the same place where they started.

During the development of these chapters, the fearsome demon that has trapped them makes its appearance, and it is the Demon of Eternitywhich makes a proposal to the Demon Hunters to set them free and is that he hand over denji so that it eats it, otherwise they will remain in this place until the end of their days.

In view of not being able to leave this place and that tempers have flared, Denji decides to “sacrifice” himself for the group, and dive into the mouth of this Demoncutting the faces of this creature without ceasing, until making it suffer and reaching its heart to eliminate it completely.

Denji cutting one of the faces of the Demon of Eternity

Denji cutting one of the faces of the Demon of Eternity

It is necessary to remember that, when starting this mission, Himeno promised Denji that if they escaped alive from this place, she would would give his first kiss. This served as motivation for this boy to defeat this demon at any cost and for everyone to get out of this place alive.

After leaving this place, Denji told him remind Himeno about the kiss that she owes him, so they agree to hold a celebration with another group of Demon Hunters to get to know each other and even invite Makima.

During this celebration, Himeno drinks too much and gives Denji her long-awaited first kiss. However, he did not turn out as the boy expected, because as Himeno had drunk too much, ended up throwing up in this young man’s mouthbeing this a really unpleasant moment for everyone.

Mappa decided to censor this moment, as it seemed extremely unpleasant show it to viewers. It should be noted that in the manga clearly this event there was no censorshipshowing this scene as it is and as it happened.

On the other hand, Denji’s long-awaited first kiss did not go as expected, since this it tasted like vomitbecoming a memory or a trauma that perhaps want to delete.

Mappa is known to have promised not to censor the violent, risque or gore scenes that this anime has. However, they were forced to make this moment not so explicitbecause it is very unpleasant and disgusting to see.

Finally, it should be noted that the treatment that Fujimoto has given to this work makes it a one-off seriesnever seen before, because as he has decided represent their characters and the development that he has given them has been incredible.

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