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Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz, actors from Glee revealed that they have no problem with Lea Michele despite the controversies around her

In 2020, the actress Samantha Ware accused Lea Michele to insult her on the set of gleewhich triggered other cast members and special guests —Keith Powell, Jeante Godlock, Amber Riley, Heather Morris— they will raise their voices and point to the actress for toxic behaviors and “racist and homophobic microaggressions”.

Michele apologized through a post on instagram, where admitted to having “behaved in hurtful ways towards other people”so the subject was quickly left in the past.

Now, in an interview with Insider as part of the podcast promotion “And That’s What You Really Missed,” the ex-members of the cast of glee,Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz they assured what e Lea Michele “is still part of the family”, after being questioned about his relationship with her.

The past stepped on?

ushkowitz assured that during the filming of the series the entire cast “It was like one big family, and that’s never going to change.” So he stressed thatLea Michele was “really professional, she knew her lines, she showed up to film and did an excellent job”.

Likewise, the actors affirm that if any problem has arisen in the past everyone “was open and receptive to it, and we got through it together.”

“I haven’t talked to her in a while but we’re all fine. And being like a family, we were all very honest with each other and very respectful of other opinions. We were able to have those difficult conversations with each other and be mature about it.”

Kevin McHale, Insider

McHale added that also beinga filming that took “15 hours a day for six years” it was hard to be on good terms all the time, but to this day, the entire cast is on the same cordial lines.

“And we all move forward, as much as people think we didn’t, or as much as the press thinks we’re still in the past, we’re over it”Ushkowitz finished.


Does the rest of the cast disagree?

despite what e McHale and Ushkowitz made it clear they had no problem some with Lea Michele, not all the cast has clarified their tensions with the actress.

Last month at least Chris Colfer, known for playing Kurt in the series, commented during a Sirius XM radio show that “I would never plan to see Lea Michele in Broadway’s Funny Girl.”

“No, thanks. I can awaken traumas by myself in my house”. commented the actor.

Likewise, in the month of September and after confirming the participation of Lea Michele in Funny Girl, who would also replace Bennie Feldstein in the role, Samantha Ware He commented through his social networks that Michele’s integration to the cast of the play wasa way in which “Broadway and Hollywood supported the idea of ​​white supremacy.”

At the moment, no other member of the cast of glee He has shared his opinion about it.


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