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We cannot live without our mobile, that is a fact. However, this is producing us on many occasions more harm than benefit. That is why we bring you some options that you have available to reduce consumption.

One of the big problems we find today is the lack of knowledge and the thought that the mobile it is harmless I mean, this is a convenient way to stay connected and spend time on the Internet, but the truth is that they can be very addictive and, although they are generally safe, addiction to the phone can cause serious problems in your life.

As reported by Gizmodo, a middle-aged person checks their phone every 12 minutes on average. That’s about 80 times a day.. In the case of the youngest, this figure increases to about 150 times a day. Furthermore, 80% of users admit that they look at their phone an hour before they go to bed, and 90% fall asleep looking at their phones.

The truth is that we all feel from time to time that we should use our smartphone, tablet or laptop less. But It’s easier to say it than do it.

Of course, as our devices continue to distract more and more, they are also adding a multitude of tools to try to manage this distraction and thus avoid becoming really addicted to our smartphone. Let’s see some of them.

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Download applications that make you see your consumption

There are currently several applications on the market that allow you to know the time you spend in front of the screen and they help you manage the applications you use most frequently, to do it in a somewhat healthier way.

Some of these applications are Offtime, Moment, Breakfree, Flipd. They will tell you how much time you spend on your phone in general, and where you can improve. Just the guilt or colors it can bring out in you could help you cut down on time, so you can set usage goals to achieve over time.

Instagram and its “Take a Break”

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, recently announced a new update to his app that will let us know when we’ve been browsing the app for too long. It seems that the criticism of the social network, due to its toxic and excessive use, has had a certain effect.

“Take a break” is what this new function is called that you can activate if you wish. Take a deep breath, write what you’re thinking, listen to your favorite song or do something on your to-do list, are the notices that will appear in your feed while you are browsing. The feature allows you to set 10, 20, or 30 minute reminders.

Change all the settings of your smartphone

Among the most suggested ideas to reduce mobile use, there are tips and tricks simply by changing the settings of the phone.

The most common ideas suggested:

  • Disable notifications
  • Remove distracting apps from the home screen
  • Set a longer passcode
  • Use airplane mode
  • Activate the do not disturb option

Turning off notifications is something that everyone should do, regardless of how habitual the use of the mobile is. Just because someone wants to text you, email you, or tag you in a Facebook post, doesn’t mean they deserve your attention.

mobile in hand

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Activate the usage reminder on TikTok

Something that is already known by all is the term infinite scroll. Simply put, it looks very clear on apps like TikTok, in which you can spend hours and hours scrolling and going from one TikTok to another, without hardly noticing.

The developers intentionally create addictive features like likes, notifications and of course the infinite scroll that keeps us glued to the screen for hours without even realizing it.

However, a few months ago we talked about the fact that this same app had launched a new function that shows a reminder after using the application for a long period of time, established by you. In the event that you are between 13 and 17 years old (most of the users are of these ages) you are notified after 100 minutes.

And if you activate the grayscale of your phone?

Let’s see, yes, it may seem crazy, but really if we are perceiving that something in us is not going well when we are more aware of the mobile than of our friend in a conversation, it may not be such a bad idea.

And it is that, the smartphones They are designed to be pretty and fun to look at.. What better way to break a habit than to make it unattractive and boring than to turn on the grayscale of your telephonewith the goal of altering the sensory satisfaction you feel upon unlocking it.

laptop and smartphone

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Do not hesitate and delve into the functions of Digital Health and Parental Control of your mobile

Any type of telephone has in its settings a function with a name similar to Digital Health, Wellness…in which you can see the time you spend in front of the screen or with certain applications and thus be able to realize your mistakes.

In the case of Samsung, it has an option called Digital Health, in which you can consult this data and, in addition, you have the option to activate different modes: Focus, Bedtime or driving.

Of course, you can add parental controls and set limits to help you or anyone else regulate their screen time.

As you have already seen, all these functions work in a similar way: you decide how much time it is reasonable for you to spend on social networks, games, watching videos or whatever, and your phone, notifies you when you have exceeded those times.

Of course, since you have set the limits yourself, it is not difficult to override them, but hopefully the restrictions will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your mobile.


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