As with every Star Wars series and movie, we always play this game that promises to be the best and then they often stay at half throttle (to put it mildly). With ‘Andor’ the trip has broken a certain trend, it promised to be the most different from the saga, at first it didn’t convince us too much, but in the end we ended up falling in love with Cassian’s adventures.

By the way, from here we have spoilers for ‘Rix Street’, the 1×12 episode of ‘Andor’.

All roads led to Ferrix in this search for Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) and each faction with a different intention. The Empire, or more specifically the BSI and Dedra (Denise Gough), to arrest him and interrogate him as a supposed key piece of the rebellion. The rebels, led by Luthen (Stellan Skarsgard), to kill him as the weakest link.

the return of the thief

As we saw in the previous episode, the death of Maarva (Fiona Shaw) it gave a golden opportunity for the expected confluence…especially considering that Cassian managed to successfully break out of jail and escape the planet he was on.

A) Yes, the whole center of the action is located in Ferrix. The empire prepares a special mass control operation before the gigantic social event that is the farewell of one of its famous and beloved citizens. The tension is chewed in the environment in which our protagonist manages to sneak into the city.

On the other hand, all this makes the part of Coruscantwith Mon Mothma played by Genevieve O’Reilly gets more under the radar than it should in Tony Gilroy’s script. But here we see “signing” the pact with the devil, with the pairing between his daughter Leida (Bronte Carmichael) and that of the banker Davo (Richard Dillane) in order to hide their transactions and his financing for the rebels.

We owe to horror icon Vincent Price that Obi-Wan Kenobi was played by Alec Guinness in the original 'Star Wars'

Shortly before we have, again, a moment of Mon and his cunning (somewhat misleading), accusing her husband of getting back in the game. A conversation made to divert attention from the ears of her spies on how they are amassing their money today.

stone and sky

Let’s go back to Ferrix, where the funeral festivities begin, the funeral march that summons the population; the imperial garrison trying to control that everything does not get out of hand. It is a truly impressive moment, with the music, the entourage, the solemnity. stone and sky The creeps.

Maarva Andor

The funeral includes an inspiring holographic message from Maarva that unexpectedly sparks a dangerous spark: “Empire is a disease”, would say the deceased and puts everyone on alert. It is time to act… but it is the Empire who, seeing what everything is leading to, begins the riot.

This is how chaos breaks out in the streets of Ferrix with the Ferrixans? responding to the provocation in what soon They are violent riots and with not a few casualties (none among the main characters). A moment that Cassian will take advantage of to rescue Bix (Adria Arjona) and put her friends to safety.

This final act of the episode is absolutely spectacular or, at the very least, impressive and manages to convey that feeling of chaos without, on the other hand, not losing track of any of the characters thanks to the wonderful work of Benjamin Caron.

Luthen Andor112

Season 1 of ‘Andor’ ends with the waters beginning to calm, with Cassian facing off against a Luthen who he acknowledges has come to take him down. It is the moment of truth, “either you kill me or enlist me”. Welcome to the rebellion, Cassian.

Thus ends a first installment that has gone from less to more until it became in the most exhilarating ‘Star Wars’ series at least so far this year.


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