The subscription model is here to stay. Before we used to subscribe to Canal+ or to a newspaper (on paper!), but the success of the world’s Netflix and Spotify has now made paying once and forgetting almost impossible.

subscriptions everywhere. Manufacturers of cars or spinning bikes have joined a trend that had already been applied en masse by technology companies. The result has always been the same: to transform products that we bought and were ours into services that we never own. And if not, tell Adobe.

You will not be able to rotate that PDF. A user was recently complaining about a recent discovery in Adobe Reader. When trying to go to rotate a PDF in the application, he got a message urging him to subscribe to a package of extra options among which he was to rotate the document.

squeezing the software. Adobe has been adopting the subscription model for some time, and although it offers part of its catalog in a traditional version (eternal license, you pay once and that’s it), it has migrated a good part of its efforts to its Creative Cloud.

It is not the only one, of course, and Microsoft’s office suite has also been focused on the cloud for years, although it is still possible to purchase the traditional product – which you cannot use in the cloud. If they do, it’s for a reason: Adobe subscriptions have made the company gold.

Subscriptions have their point. It must be admitted that in some cases subscriptions pose an extremely convenient option for users. Spotify, Netflix, Game Pass Ultimate, or Amazon Prime are clear examples of resounding successes in the subscription segment, although some of them are already beginning to lose users. Subscription fatigue is very real.

enough already. However, the fact that everything is ending up being a subscription is generating a certain phobia of that model. The situation is reaching the absurd, and that an application to read QR codes asks you for seven euros a month to work is one more symptom that this is still out of control. The Adobe PDF rotation is certainly another straw that breaks the glass overflowing.

By the way, you can rotate PDFs for free. In other cases, finding free alternatives may be more difficult, but when it comes to managing PDFs, there are very direct and very powerful options. In Windows we have options like Sumatra, Okular or Xodo. In macOS the Preview tool (Preview) is a powerful PDF reader, but there are specific options such as Skim or Foxit Reader, which is multiplatform.


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