These zodiac signs are amorous, do not like limitations and get bored quickly, looking for new emotions. They can love two people at the same time, and although they often manage to choose only one of them, monogamy is not uncommon for them mission impossible. Can you guess what the signs might be?

Not all of us have to be constant in our feelings and enter into relationships that will last forever. There’s nothing wrong with it! However, the situation is a little different when we or our other half are looking for others, constantly chasing something new and exciting – not necessarily staying at the same time fair. Which zodiac signs have the biggest problem with this?

What zodiac signs have no problem loving two people at the same time?

The sign of the zodiac, which not only can love two people at the same time, but also can enter into two relationships at the same time, is Libra. Although it is believed that this zodiac sign belongs to the more balanced and harmonious ones, Libra is also a sign that can perfectly juggle its many faces. Living a double life? It comes with extraordinary lightness to scales…

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Another sign of the zodiac that does not like restrictions and constantly likes to leave all the gates open is Lion. People under this zodiac sign have a high opinion of themselves, and although it is often a very good sign of their self-confidence, it often borders on arrogance and thinking only about their needs. Meeting many people at once does not have to be a bad thing, but it is important that Leos clearly communicate their needs to the other party.

They are amorous, and subsequent fascinations are almost a constant element of their everyday life. Fishesbecause that’s what we’re talking about, they treat almost every relationship as love for life. However, this does not mean that when they fall in love so deeply, they choose monogamy. A great fascination with one person is one thing, but it is not a problem for them to fall in love with someone else at the same time. This zodiac sign proves that you can fall head over heels – and not necessarily with monogamy in the background…

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