Yesterday, I read in The vanguard, Felipe VI was at the house of Charles III. Later, at an official dinner, she announced that she had invited him to visit Spain. It’s a shame the King of England isn’t coming this week. Because Don Carlos, they say, likes to party and would have had a great time in Congress. We could have lent you a seat. The reform of sedition, the effects of the law of Irene Montero… And the Budgets, especially the Budgets. All those parties, such a plurality, each one from a place, as if it were the International Tourism Fair.

Today, in the Senate, the Sánchez-Feijóo. And the leader of the PP, I see on the cover of The worldit already happens to him like Luis Enrique. Everyone tells him how he has to play, how he has to attack, how he has to defend himself… “Barons, ex-ministers and party officials ask him to be tougher. They consider this debate to be the most important since he arrived in Madrid”.

In reality, those who ask him to be tougher have been asking him since he became president of the PP. And they have also been telling us, since then, that it is the most important debate. Whatever he does, Feijóo will be criticized for not having taken the Senate to channels Already Iago Aspas.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo during the interview granted to La Vanguardia.

But we do know one thing that Feijóo is not going to do. And I don’t mean read 1984of George Orwell. The country: “Feijóo renounces mobilizing the street against the sedition reform. The PP leader opts for a tour of rallies after the puncture of the Vox protest in Barcelona.”

That concert tour, details abche will mainly tour fiefdoms governed by the PSOE and, in Madrid, he will visit the pavilion where he played basketball Pedro Sanchez.

The president –good morning, president–, who continues to diligently till his garden in La Moncloa, has returned to basketball to block the opposition and protect Irene Montero. I read it in The reason.

The president is worried because the purple side of the coalition can put a triple into his own basket, if this has ever happened in basketball. I’m talking about the law on animal abuse that promotes Ione Belarra. abc: “The CGPJ warns that the Government equates animal abuse with family abuse. It warns that the draft reform compromises the principle of proportionality. If the crime of injuries to vertebrate animals that do not require veterinary treatment is compared with the minor crime of injuries to people who do not require medical treatment, the penalty is the same, a fine of one to three months”.

The country He mentions, in effect, that the Prosecutor’s Office will from now on oppose lowering the sentences for sexual offenders. A decree has already been sent to all prosecutors. It remains to be seen what the Supreme Court says. In abc They say it this way: “The Prosecutor’s Office comes to the rescue of the Government and orders opposition to the resources as a rule, although it admits that there are revisions of sentences that cannot be avoided.” It should be mentioned that this gesture will not always influence the result; because what the judge does, as you know, is different from what the prosecutor asks for.

But, of course, it is good news for the Government. A piece of news that, for example, could open the news on the new television channel in Pablo Iglesias. THE SPANISH recounts the details of this new channel, which will be broadcast on the internet and which asks citizens for money to finance themselves. “We are tired of throwing stones, we want a tank,” says Iglesias. It will be called “Canal Red” and it flies over the shadow of Jaume Roures.

That television could also serve to amplify the thrusts of Iglesias to Yolanda Diazwho has not come out to defend Irene Montero after the consequences of the law of only yes is yes.

And I ask you, Pablo, that today you leave behind the rancor and sing with me emotionally. Because another Pablo has died, the great Pablo Milanes. “If I ever feel defeated, I look at your face and say at the window. Yolanda, Yolanda, forever Yolanda.”

*This is the press review that Daniel Ramírez does every morning for “The Spain that rises early”, in “Más de Uno”, the Carlos Alsina program on Onda Cero

Source: Elespanol

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