This November 23 will reach the Netflix catalog one of the most anticipated series of the year: ‘Merlina’ (or ‘Wednesday’, in English), a production by Tim Burton himself, which on this occasion will focus on the life and adventures of the well-known daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams.

As you probably already saw in the previews, in this series we will see how Merlina Addams (Jenna Ortega) arrives at the Evermore Academy, an institution that according to its director, Larissa Weems (gwendoline christie) was created as a haven for parents to send their children to study and learn “no matter who or what they are.”

With everything and Uncle Lucas!  Check out the official trailer for 'Wednesday', the series about Merlina Adams
Morticia and Gomez send Merlina to Evermore Academy. Photo: Netflix.

‘Merlina’ will arrive on Netflix on November 23

Although the series will have that touch of mystery that Tim Burton he usually puts on his productions, it also strikes us that We will see ‘Merlina’ live and go through several moments with which several adolescents will be able to identifysuch as her love interests and making friends at a new school.

To not make the story so long, the ‘Merlina’ series is emerging as one of the ones that will give the most to talk about during the final stretch of this year, which is why here we decided to give you a brief –but very useful– guide with the characters you will meet in it.

With everything and Uncle Lucas!  Check out the official trailer for 'Wednesday', the series about Merlina Adams
Jenna Ortega as Merlina Addams in ‘Wednesday’. Photo: Netflix

Here we tell you who is who in the new Tim Burton series

And don’t worry, although we’ll give you some context, there won’t be any spoilers. Now that point is clarified. We tell you who is who in the new series of ‘Merlina’:

1.- Merlina (Jenna Ortega)

The protagonist of the series (of course, that’s why it’s called that). She is the daughter of Morticia, with whom she has a somewhat complicated relationship, as well as Gomez. She comes to Evermore Academy after trying several expulsions at other schools.

merlin she is antisocial and not very cheerful, but she is also very talented, cunning and above all, intelligent. These elements will lead her to solve mysteries and, incidentally, to develop other personal skills such as living with people who are different from her.

Watch the first trailer for the 'Wednesday' series about Merlina Addams coming to Netflix!
Jenna Ortega as Merlina. Photo: Netflix.

2.- Larissa Weems (Gwendoline Christie)

Evermore Academy Principal He will keep an eye on ‘Merlina’ because he knows the girl’s expulsion history, as well as the family she comes from and that Weems knows perfectly well.

Who is who in the new Netflix series 'Merlina'?
Photo: Netflix

3.- Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers)

Enis is a young lady who is basically everything Merlina isn’t. In the series it is roomie by Merlina and also one of the characters that gives us a very clear message about the importance of staying true to ourselves and stop comparing ourselves to others.

ennid sinclair merlina serie
Photo: Netflix

4.- Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci)

The return of christina ricci to the universe of ‘The Addams Family’ was the most commented, because in this Netflix series the actress who played Merlina in the 90s will now return to play Marilyn Thornhillthe Evermore Academy prefect who definitely reminds us of the saying “Nothing is as it seems”.

With everything and Uncle Lucas!  Check out the official trailer for 'Wednesday', the series about Merlina Adams
Christina Ricci will return to the world of Los Locos Addams with this series. Photo: Netflix

5.- Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White)

Like a good series for teenagers, the story of ‘Merlina’ would have to have some love drama and that will be in charge of Xavierone of Merlina’s interests and who will even lead the young Addams to delve deeper into things of the current world.

Who is who in the new Netflix series 'Merlina'?
Photo: Netflix

6.- Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan)

He is the son of the sheriff in town and the other love interest of Merlina Addams. Although he seems like a pretty normal guy, keep an eye on him as he’s definitely will surprise us in the plot of ‘Merlina’. Will it be for better or for worse? that will decide your perception.

tyler galpin quien es quien merlina netflix 2
Merlina Addams will be involved in a love triangle. Photo: Netflix

7.- Gomez Addams (Luis Guzman)

Merlin’s dad. We will see it occasionally in the series, but an event from the past in which she was directly involved will lead Merlina to investigate further and solve a paranormal mystery that puts her and the other students of Evermore in danger.

8.- Morticia Addams (Catherine Zeta-Jones)

Merlina’s mom and Gomez’s wife. Morticia and Merlina’s relationship isn’t the best (wow, in the teen’s eyes), however, the family bond is so strong that it will just help Merlina Addams in her battle against dark forces.

gomez addams quien es quien merlina serie
Photo: Netflix

9.- Pugsley Addams (Isaac Ordonez)

Merlina’s little brother. Although she considers him the black sheep of the family (because he is very noble), the girl protects him from those who bully him. Even if it means throwing piranhas into a pool full of abusive people.

Who is who in the new Netflix series 'Merlina'?
Without imagining it, Merlina’s brother will take her to stay at Evermore Academy. Photo: Netflix

10.- Uncle Lucas (Fred Armise)

Just like in the movies we watched, Uncle Lucas will be Merlina’s great ally in her mission to find the truth about the supernatural events that occur at Evermore Academy.same with which she is connected from past lives.

With everything and Uncle Lucas!  Check out the official trailer for 'Wednesday', the series about Merlina Adams
Fred Armisen will play Uncle Lucas in this Tim Burton and Netflix production. Photo: Netflix

11.- Fingers (Victor Doromantus)

slippery as always Fingers will be Merlina’s number 1 ally in this series and also, the character that they will surely love the most in this production. Although she comes to Evermore Academy to keep an eye on her, the two will become great friends.

dedos merlina
Photo: Netflix

Remember that Merlina premieres this November 23 on Netflix. And taking advantage of it, here we leave you the interview we had with Jenna Ortegawho told us more about how he got involved in the series, both in his role as Merlina and in the musical aspect.

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