“We request that he be prosecuted as a co-author for this crime together with Fernando Sabag Montiel Y Brenda Uliarte and that, in addition, the figure of illicit association provided for in Article 210 of the Penal Code is applied to them,” added Cristina.

And he concluded: “Also, among other test measures that the court should have made, We request calligraphic expertise on the manuscript on the Tueller Rule, found in the house of Brenda Uliarte“.

This is the new presentation of Cristina Kirchner for the attack

_ Presentation _ Gabriel Carrizo.pdf

The chats that incriminate Gabriel Carrizo

The information of the judicial presentation arises from the reports that the General Directorate of Investigations and Technological Support for Criminal Investigation (DATIP) from the expert opinion of the cell phones of the members of the group “federal revolution“.

As revealed in the case, Carrizo had conversations with at least two people -Kevin Bargas and Jonathan Posadas- to whom he acknowledged that “we tried to kill Cristina”, and pointed to Sabag Montiel as “my employee”.. In addition, he stated his intention to kill “the leader of La Cámpora,” that is, maximum kirchner; already a leader of the left.

Gabriel Carrizo.png

Gabriel Carrizo is one of the members of the Federal Revolution. They are investigating him for his role in the attack against Cristina Kirchner.

Messages with Kevin Bargas

  • “We just tried to kill Cristina” (11:17 p.m.)
  • “My employee” (11:17 p.m.)
  • “He wanted to shoot him” (11:17 p.m.)
  • “He’s going to jail” (11:17 p.m.)
  • “The weapon is my friend” (11:18 p.m.)
  • “I swear to God” (11:18 p.m.)
  • “We are with the group” (11:18 p.m.)
  • “All together” (11:18 p.m.)
  • “So that the government knows who they are messing with” (23:19
  • hs.)
  • “Well friend, the one who is going to kill her will surely be a friend or
  • I’m going to be me” (11:35 p.m.)
  • “Remember this date” (11:35 p.m.)
  • “This hdp is already dead” (11:35 p.m.)
  • “You don’t know what we did with this” (11:36 p.m.)
  • “Generate fear” (11:36 p.m.)
  • “We are thinking of killing the head of the campora and the head of the
  • mobilization of the left” (11:38 p.m.)
  • “Kill Cristina” (11:38 p.m.)
  • “To force the president to resign” (11:38 p.m.)
  • “He and all his mobilization.”

Messages with Jonathan Posadas

  • “Jonaa I’m really screwed” (10:29 p.m.)
  • “My employee tried to kill Cristina” (10:29 p.m.)
  • “He pointed a gun at him” (10:29 p.m.)
  • “And they are going to open an investigation” (10:29 p.m.)
  • “I have to take the stick friend” (10:29 p.m.)
  • “We are screwed” (10:30 p.m.)
  • “It’s hard to explain to you
  • everything” (10:31 p.m.)
  • “That’s why the weapon is mine” (10:42 p.m.)
  • “I hope nothing goes wrong” (10:42 p.m.).

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