Balenciaga is a luxury clothing brand that always generates controversy or becomes the center of heated conversations inside and outside the world of fashion. They are responsible for making a bag of potatoes and a black bag of garbageluxury items worth 30 thousand pesos.

They are the same crazy people who launched dirty and broken tennis shoes (they look stinky too) for tens of thousands of pesos and above all, they are responsible for violating the laws of nature by putting heels on Crocs. Among other things, less ugly, Balenciaga covered the face of Kim Kardashian in a strange style, launched a virtual collection in Fortnite and they also did it in Springfield with a short of The Simpson.

Balenciaga launches a garbage bag for more than 30 thousand pesos and we do not understand anything
This is the famous garbage bag/Photo: Balenciaga

In other words, they know how to stay at the center of conversation and trends. But in their most recent controversy, everything got out of hand from of a publication that triggered theories about exploitation and child pornography. Here we tell you.

Balenciaga Objects

On November 14, Balenciaga closed his Twitter account in protest of the changes that Elon Musk has implemented. He became the first fashion brand to leave the social network, although he never explained the reasons behind deleting his account.

This is important and serves as context, because his departure from Twitter has fueled the conversation theories that we will explain below. The thing is like this. The third week of November, Balenciaga launched its most recent collection of Balenciaga Objects, which is made up of utensils and objects for the home, as well as bags (but not garments as such).

Special Photo

Among the products were sheets, pillowcases and towels, there are also products for pets such as matching beds, bowls, collars and leashes; cups, plates, soaps, yoga mats… everything you can think of is in this very expensive collection of between 500 dollars for a soap, to give you an idea, and to not lose the habit of the brand.

The products were promoted with photos of girls and boys among the collection. For example, there is a girl who comes out posing with a bag in the shape of a teddy bearwhich has a popular black harness on the bondage (although really, the inspiration comes from the 70s and 80s punk aesthetic…remember the whole Judas Priest and leather thing).

Photo: Balenciaga

The Child Exploitation Theory

This is how on Monday, November 21, a Twitter user named @shoe0nhead launched a post where these images of the campaign can be seen, plus an image that caused a stir and started the controversy: the central object is a black Balenciaga bag on a desk full of papers; Among those papers, if you zoom in, you can see part of the case document United States v. williams.

And what is that? It was a legal case from which the ratification of the federal law that penalizes any content advertising, distributing or promoting child pornography (real or computer generated images).

Photo: @shoe0nhead (Twitter)

However. The post that went viral on Twitter brings together two different campaigns. The first is that of the boys and girls in a Spring/Summer 2023 collection (which we have already described), and the other, where the documents appear, of the Balenciaga collaboration with Adidas. Namely, They are two different advertising campaigns and content.

This does not mean that both decisions are questionable. The first for putting minors with objects of a sexual nature; and the second for using those documents for the image. But they are not related to each other. What happened with the post is that it confused people into thinking it was a provocation, and then gave way to different conspiracy theories.

Balenciaga apologized

The same Twitter user said that Balenciaga had deleted his account from this social network for fear of they ensure that the policies would become stricter in terms of the type of content that is uploaded.

Then, the fire was fueled when they entered the Instagram account and saw that the brand had deleted all its posts. However, Balenciaga fans know that from time to time they delete all their posts and generate new content in relation to their recent releases. That is, it is a constant network strategy of the brand, not exclusive to this situation.

Balenciaga launches a garbage bag for more than 30 thousand pesos and we do not understand anything
Photo: Getty Images

But by the time the explanation came out, it had already been too late, clogging Balenciaga’s networks with comments related to the viral post. Some spoke of the representation of the Teddy bear in cases of violence and child sexual abuse.

Things got so intense that the brand released a couple of statements:

We apologize for submitting sensitive documents to our campaign. We take this matter very seriously and we are already taking legal action against the parties responsible for dropping a set that included unapproved materials for our Spring 23 campaign shoot. We do not tolerate child abuse in any form.“.

Source: Ofeminin

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