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Warhammer 40,000: Chaosgate – Daemonhunterone of the most serious competitors in the extension title category is about to get an extension. Duty Eternalthat’s its name, promises a new dose of turn-based tactical combat against the lackeys of Nurglebut it also brings the Venerable Dreadnought. This Iron Colossus Is A Wet Dream For Big Universe Fans Warhammer 40K who are no doubt eager to lead this mecha mythical alongside Gray Knights. By the very admission of Complex Gamesthis is one of the most recurring requests from players.

Warhammer 40,000 Chaosgate Daemonhunter Duty Eternal Warhammer 40,000 Chaosgate Daemonhunter Duty Eternal 1

This is a nice wink, but not only. the Venerable Dreadnought especially becomes the fifth team member of a squad, generally composed of four members, in the new campaign dedicated to the epidemic Technophage. The missions that make it up are a cut above in terms of difficulty. Normal, the developers have spiced up the sauce so that the presence of the new war machine is necessary. More reinforcements, tougher enemies, new negative events… That’s pretty much what awaits you with this new epidemic. The good news is that the rewards have been adjusted accordingly.

The arsenal of Gray Knights is also enriched with the new class of the Techmarine. Focused on group support, the latter can summon combat servants to sacrifice. the Techmarine can heal his minions, improve them, but also repair the Venerable Dreadnought if needed. Like the combat walker, the equipment of the Techmarine can be totally customized which has a direct impact on the weapons used by the combat minions.

While the vast majority of new releases from Duty Eternal primarily concerns tactical combat, it is worth pointing out that the strategic part becomes more interesting with the arrival of the frigate gladius. Once liberated, this ship can be sent elsewhere on the campaign map to complete missions alongside your mother ship, the Sententious. Please note, however, that the objectives of gladius are resolved automatically with a percentage of success and failure to be gauged before launching the mission.

The output of Duty Eternal is imminent. the DLCs is scheduled for December 6 at a price of €14.99 on Steam and theEpic Games Store. A free update adding new enemy types will also accompany the expansion’s release.

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