MPs approved this Tuesday the extension, until the end of 2023, of the suspension of authorization for new registrations of local accommodation in containment areas, in case the deadline expires during the next year.

The measure is part of a proposal to amend the State Budget for 2023 (OE2023), on the initiative of the PS, and was made possible with the favorable vote of the proponent, the PCP, Left Block, PAN and Livre.

The PSD, Chega and Iniciativa Liberal voted against it.”Whenever the deadlines set out in paragraph 6 of article 15-A of Decree-Law no. 128/2014, of 29 August, the legal regime for operating local accommodation], cease during the year 2023, may be extended until the end of the year, under the same terms of the aforementioned rule”, determines the proposal.

What is at stake?

At issue is the article on containment areas, which in the law in force allows municipalities to suspend, for a maximum of one year, the authorization of new registrations in specifically delimited areas, until the entry into force of the municipal regulation on local accommodation.

With the measure now approved, the suspensions that make up the limit of one year, provided for in the legislation in force, do not end up remaining valid until the end of next year.

A majority of votes today rejected several proposals to amend the OE2023 signed by the PCP, BE and PAN in the field of housing.

Among the failed initiatives is the PCP’s proposal on the end of the so-called ‘gold visas’ regime, which was voted against by the PS, PSD and Chega, the Liberal Initiative abstained and the other parties voted in favor.

The deputies also rejected BE’s proposals which foresaw the creation of a limit to the variation of the effort rate in housing credit, this would be applicable to credit operations intended exclusively for the acquisition or construction of own and permanent housing, being eligible those which, due to to the increase in interest rates, monthly installments corresponding to a variation in the effort rate greater than two percentage points or exceeding 50% are associated.

The initiative was voted against by PS and IL, with PSD and Chega abstaining and the remaining parties voting in favour.

Financial Line of Extraordinary Support for Housing Loan Holders

The votes against PS, PSD, IL, Chega, PCP and BE and Livre’s abstention dictated the lead of the PAN’s proposal for the creation of a financial line of Extraordinary Support to Housing Credit Holders regarding permanent own housing, under management of the Housing and Urban Rehabilitation Institute (IHRU).

The PS vote against and PSD abstention, Chega and IL also dictated the lead of the PAN proposal on the creation of a program to adapt housing to climate change.

Today, the Budget and Finance Committee is holding its second day of voting on the OE2023 specialty and proposed amendment.

The final global vote for SO2023 is scheduled for the 25th.

Source: Sicnoticias

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