Adrian Quirogaa native of the town of Fiambalá in the Tinogasta department of Catamarca, managed to meet again last Friday with his twin brother Davidor “Kico”, as their friends call them, after a long search, which they decided to undertake with the little information he had on his biological parents. “I wanted to know about my origins and I figured I was going to find a sister or a brother, but never a twin. When I saw it, it was like seeing myself.”he excitedly recounted to Catamarca/12.

The man recounted that “I when I was born they gave me up for adoption, but an aunt of mine (biological) found out and took him to raise him. He called his aunt mom, ”explained Adrián, who currently works as a journalist in the Fiambalense town.

Regarding him, he indicated that he was welcomed by a family that “he raised me in the best way and because I was an only child, they never made me lack for anything, on the contrary, but the 23 or 24 years old I started the searchnever with the idea of ​​replacing anyone, but because I wanted to know more about my identity.”

“My mom and dad had told me some things, but I did not know the exact name of my biological mother, although my biological father did have the complete data. One day I was encouraged and made contact by phone, but he did not want to give me my mother’s information, he ignored it, because it is clear that the family today did not know anything about this and did not want to talk about it. What’s more, after a few years I insisted and a girl took care of me and when I told her that she was her biological brother, she directly cut me off, ”she recounted.

past time, Adrián decided to restart the search and in this case he appealed to Facebookwhere he published a post telling his story along with the little data he had and had managed to find out. “It was the most difficult writing I had to do and I published it on September 12, but I didn’t have any further news until October 13, when I saw that I received a private message. I open it and it was from a Bethlehem association. The man who wrote to me told me that he had a friend who was looking for his brother and when he showed me the photo, we were two drops of water”.

After several phone calls in which the brothers were able to catch up and, among other things, they found out that his biological mother lived in North Bethlehem until her deathfive years ago, they agreed to see each other, but the moment did not occur, for one reason or another.

Until last Friday, a mutual friend they had all this time, but who also did not know the relationship, told him that his brother would go to the city of Tinogasta for work reasons, so he He went to the place to meet his twin and surprise him.

“I went behind and surprised him. When we saw each other it was a very difficult feeling to describe, very exciting”, he recounted, adding that on several occasions he had thought about stopping looking, but his wife encouraged him to continue. “I always felt an attraction to Bethlehem and wanted to go for various reasons, it will be that the blood calls”he mused.

Regarding the dialogue that took place at the reunion, in which some of his eight children and grandchildren participated, he said that they told each other that “We were both raised by good families, we had excellent parentsWhat’s more, I was always spoiled. I think that sometimes God simply puts things in his place and made we meet at 48 years old.”

According to the information that Kico and Adrián were able to share, the latter was born first (both premature) and his brother’s delivery took place about three hours later. “I would have liked to meet my biological mother, but not to make any claim or anything like that. I have no resentments, I had and I have a very happy life and I am not the one to judge it, so I have no reproaches or questions, “she said, adding that” on the contrary, I thank her for giving me life.”

Source: Pagina12

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