Recruiting children to instill in them the most radical dogmas of Islamism was not just another of his tasks: it was his fundamental objective. Multiple videos, photos and documentary evidence collected by the National Police prove the indoctrination to which the imam of the White Mosque of Melilla and his jihadist cell, including those convicted of belonging to a terrorist organization, subjected dozens of minors for months.

A report from the General Information Commissioner (CGI), included in the summary of this case being investigated by the National Court, confirms “the existence of a group of followers of the Salafist jihadist ideology”, whose main purpose was to “indoctrinate third parties”; especially young people and minors.

The organization, related to the postulates of the Islamic State (Daesh), used “a lot of effort” in this task. After long investigations, the agents managed to witness the multiple episodes of indoctrination of children from the Muslim community of the autonomous city.

Its leader, according to the Police, is the “charismatic” Amin Harchaouin. As EL ESPAÑOL revealed, it is the imam of what is one of the main mosques in Melilla. He, along with ten other people, were arrested at the beginning of last October.

This report, to which EL ESPAÑOL has had exclusive access, underlines that Harchaouin and the rest of those investigated focused on recruiting members “of the most vulnerable groups in society” to their cause.

Image included in the police report.


The images included in the police dossier place him with dozens of children, who even attended the sermons in which this religious leader spread violent slogans against the West. Among them, orders to “fight the enemies” or to “against the dangers facing Islam”.

“This ideology, shared through the different videos produced, as well as in the personal meetings held, does not arise spontaneously, but from the process of radicalization that they have been experiencing over the last few years and which leads them to share said thought through the publications they make,” the report states.

In addition, through a detailed “task sharing”, the other members of the cell would be in charge of various tasks to disseminate radical messages on the Internet.

The National Police report also transcribes a call, made on May 10, 2022, between Harchaouin and another of the detainees, Jamal Allali.

Fragment of the police report that transcribes the 'punctures'.

Fragment of the police report that transcribes the ‘punctures’.


In it, the imam proposes to carry out “a series of activities” in the White Mosque, with the aim of revitalizing the life of the religious community. Among other actions, both agree the celebration of what they call “educational night”in which radical sermons were delivered in the presence of young people and minors.

The researchers report that these “activities, initially playful”, hide a “doctrinal background consistent with the cell’s strategy”, which was none other than “transferring the Salafi-jihadist message to the new generations”.

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The General Information Commission also reviews a sermon by the imam of the White Mosque in which he calls on Muslim parents to act against their “wayward” children who “do not abide by the precepts of Islam”.

In another video, Amin calls the young men “soldiers of Allah” and another clip shows several children attending an excursion together with “adults (…) from the radical milieu of Melilla; (…) most of them arrested and subsequently convicted of crimes of terrorism”.

Another of the members of this group, also arrested by the Police last October, had already been sentenced for “being the right hand” of the head of a cell that sent combatants to conflict zones. to Mali, mainly to commit terrorist acts and join the ranks of Al Qaeda.

homosexuality and drugs

In another conversation intercepted by the Police, Imam Amin alerts his interlocutor of the three threats against his religion. And he urges her to educate his children to face them. Specifically, he points to the homosexuality, atheism and sexual liberation and drugs as the main dangers that grip Islam.

“So, if we don’t prepare our children and we don’t teach them the here [credo]faith, uniqueness and strengthening your relationship with God, will fall into these three circles,” the imam told Jamal Allali.

Harchaouin insists and warns him about the harmfulness of homosexuality: “From now on, your Muslim son came to introduce you to his boyfriend and the daughter to her girlfriend. And if you complain to him, he denounces you.”

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Another of the ways that this group used to radicalize its affinities was the dissemination of jihadist propaganda through various channels and social networks. All this with the intention of presenting Muslims as “victims” and, in this way, “generate the need to carry out violent actions”, according to the report, prepared based on the motives seized from those investigated.

Likewise, the Police points out in the dossier the “extreme value” of the statements given to the agents by Harchaouin, since “they throw up a host of contradictions in the face of the facts demonstrated throughout the investigation.”

Among other things, the religious leader denied knowing any of the detainees —despite the photographs and telephone calls that link them— and declared that he never coordinated the recording, editing and publication of his sermons on the Internet, when the punctures they show him giving orders to that effect.

And this, in the opinion of the agents, “shows that [Amin Harchaouin] tries to hide the reality of the events, knowing that its activities constitute a criminal offence”.

Source: Elespanol

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