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The new YouTube television promoted by the former vice president Pablo IglesiasCanal Red, will have communicators and youtubers from both shores of the Atlantic, with a radical left bias, to try to extend the influence of Podemos to all of Latin America.

Iglesias already has the premises to set up the television studios and 185,000 euros to launch the project: he had requested 105,000 euros through a well-known platform crowdfunding and it has almost doubled this figure in 24 hours, thanks to 4,000 contributions from individuals. In view of the success, it has already launched the second phase for reach the figure of 325,000 euros.

With this project, Pablo Iglesias fulfills his dream of having his own multimedia group, made up of a digital newspaper (the website run by Dina Bousselham, financed by public officials and followers of Podemos), the podcast Base (financed by businessman Jaume Roures) and now a television on YouTube.

The project begins to take its first steps just one year before the general elections scheduled for the end of 2023, and in full swing of Iglesias against Vice President Yolanda Díaz, whom Iglesias had designated as a future candidate for the presidency of the Government.

Today the bridges between Díaz and the leadership of Podemos are completely broken, which is why the purple party has already started to promote the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, as a candidate, today in her lowest hours due to the entry into force of the Law of Yes is yes.

Through social networks, Pablo Iglesias has already confirmed that, in the future Canal Red, he will continue to have some of his closest collaborators from BaseWhat Alfredo Serrano (who was the main economic adviser to Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela), Javier Macías Tovar (former head of social networks for Podemos) and the Russian journalist Inna Afinogenovawho abandoned the Russia Today propaganda channel after the invasion of Ukraine.

But in addition, Iglesias will incorporate well-known youtubers and communicators from countries like Argentina and Brazil into the project, in order to consolidate the influence of Podemos on the other side of the Atlantic and prop up the extreme left governments that today cover almost the entire continent.

An essential gear of the future Canal Red television is the journalist Sergio Gregori, which thus closes the circle. At just 17 years old, Gregori interviewed an almost unknown Pablo Iglesias in May 2014, whom he put in the position to answer a compromising question from rapper Pablo Hasél: “If you could kill Juan Carlos de Borbón, Amancio Ortega or Aznarwho would you take out of the three?”

Iglesias was then embarking on the launch of Podemos, and responded in his best statesman’s tone: “My God, none, I don’t want to kill anyone. And I deeply despise those who turn politics into a matter of personal hatred and turn their narcissistic excitement into anything to do with politics.”

[Pablo Hasél ingresa en prisión tras ser detenido por los Mossos: “Muerte al Estado fascista”]

Again, in February 2021, Iglesias gave Sergio Gregori one of his last interviews as Vice President of the Government (before crashing in the Madrid 4M elections) in which he pointed out the name of Yolanda Díaz for the first time as a possible successor: ” Why not?”. In that interview, Iglesias also predicted that the Twitch social network, especially popular among young people, “he’s going to kill it“.

Now, broken his idyll with Pedro Vallinand in the midst of the war against La Sexta by Antonio García Ferreras, Pablo Iglesias relies precisely on Sergio Gregori’s Furor Producciones platform to set up his own constellation of programs on YouTube, Canal Red.

Gregori directed between 2017 and 2019 the documentary Unblock Cuba, in which he blames the US bloc for the widespread impoverishment that the Cuban people suffer after 60 years of dictatorship. He has also interviewed Former KGB Vice Chairman Nikolai Leonov.

A few weeks ago, he starred in a confrontation with the former director of The country Antonio Caño in a debate at the University of Badajoz. Caño recommended journalism students not to act as “activists” because their job is not to “change the world” but to report what is happening. Gregori then accused him of acting like an “activist”, because during his time as director of The country He published an editorial in which he asked Pedro Sánchez not to agree with Podemos.

A regular political commentator on Mediaset and TeleMadrid programs (but not on La Sexta, and this is essential), Sergio Gregori has become a collaborator of the Podemos foundation, the Republic and Democracy Institutechaired by Pablo Iglesias and directed by Juan Carlos Monedero.

To launch his Red television channel, Iglesias is now going to rely on Sergio Gregori and Xavier Mataspromoters of the Furor Producciones SL group, created in December 2019 in Alicante with a capital of 3,000 euros.

Controlling new media outlets that defend the political line of Podemos has become a true obsession of the former Prime Minister.

“The media right has already put us in their sights,” he says in the campaign crowdfunding to create the Red Channel, “we are sure that in hundreds of offices where we are and will be uncomfortable, the light has been kept on all night plotting their strategies to destroy us. Because of course all we can build is what they fear the most.”

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