The world of maps is very interesting and curious. To create a map, you just have to be clear about what you want to show and put it on paper, as we are going to see today with the map of the most searched words on Wikipedia by country.

There are few things we like more than a good map. It can already be geographical or political, it can even be curiosities (something very common in this magazine, where we like them a lot). A Map it’s a map and it’s always interesting to take a look at how we see the world.

When we feel locked in a small habituation within a small town lost in the hands of God, there is nothing like pulling out a map of the world and seeing how gigantic our planet is and how small our problems are in comparison.

for it today we bring you a world map that represents something you have never seen before: which words are the most searched on Wikipedia in each country on planet Earth. That is, we have more than 100 words in this single map: Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico…

The authorship of this map is not known, but it has become famous thanks to Reddit, where the subreddit dedicated to the love of maps (/MapPorn) has posted this week the happy map with the most common searches on Wikipedia.

You don’t expect the word from Mexico and Argentina

The map (click here to see it in full resolution) has all the countries of the world with their unique words. Because it is not about the most searched word itself, but the most searched word of the country, since there are terms that only exist in one country or are typical of there.

For example, the most searched word in Mexico is “Indigenous”, in the United States it is “Native”, in China it is “Dynasty” and in Argentina it is “Peronista”. As you can see, these are terms that, although they are known throughout the world, have an unquestionable influence in those nations.

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In Spain, which you are surely wondering what it is, we have the word “Autonomy”something logical when we are a country divided by Autonomous Communities and the autonomous system is rare outside our borders.

In Australia the word is “Mainland”, in South Africa it is “Apartheid” and in England it is “Royalty”. As you can see, there doesn’t seem to be a mistake with this world map, all the terms are as expected, right?


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