The shopping season begins with the arrival of Black Friday and later Cyber ​​Monday in which it seems that we go crazy buying. However, be careful, scammers know this and are waiting for a victim to fall.

Scammers are always looking for new ways to rip off online shoppers, but during the shopping season black friday and Cyber ​​Monday usually take advantage of the large volume of purchases to hunt the odd target.

Companies take advantage of this momentary weakness and lower prices, and so do cybercriminals. Specifically, the scammers target consumers trying to steal your credit card numbers, bank account numbers, phone numbers, social media accounts, and email addresses for a common purpose: to commit fraud.

And, once a scammer gets hold of your personal data, they can steal your money or commit crimes in your name, an illegal practice known as identity theft. Fake websites, fake gift cards, and social engineering attacks like phishing are also very common scams this time of year.

So what are the most common ways consumers get scammed on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday? Let’s see some of them.

The X most common scams now that Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday arrive

1. Fake Order Scam

Phishing is one of the oldest tricks when it comes to scams, but modern phishing attacks have gotten more sophisticated and it’s easy to fall for it. In the fake order scam, Scammers send unsolicited text messages or emails to notify you of a “problem” with your online order.

Here you would not pay attention if you had not asked for anything but of course, these dates are for that so you may fall. They want you to click the link in the phishing email, which leads to a page asking for your banking credentials or other sensitive information.

Additionally, these emails are structured to appear to come from a legitimate sender, such as Amazon or eBay.

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2. False Delivery Notification Scam

Phishing attacks take this strategy a step further, as criminals send fake delivery notifications via text or email. As usual, These notifications are disguised as if they were from a well-known package delivery company like Seur, for example.

Similar to the fake order phishing scam, you will be invited to click a link to accept your delivery, where your personally identifiable information will be stolen.

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3. Beware of “gift” cards

You may be entered into a raffle to win a cash gift card to a major online store or supermarket.

However, cybercriminals use services like WhatsApp to promote gifts, usually as an alleged campaign that coincides with the opening of new stores. They then ask you to click on a link that requires some contact details. You will not suspect anything because the message pretends to be from a friend.

4. Fake website scam

Cyber ​​criminals are creating imitation websites of popular online stores and e-shopping sites. These imitation websites look the same as the official one, and the untrained eyes of an average consumer can easily fall for it.

If you have made an online purchase on a fake merchant website, you have been a victim of financial fraudthat is, it is likely that criminals have stolen your credit card information and personal data.

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5. You do not receive the purchases

What happens if you have ordered something and it has not arrived? It could be a real problem. Hundreds of items go missing, especially around this time. Unfortunately, it could also be something more malicious. In any case, you have to contact the seller. They should have proof of shipping.

Scammers, mind you, may insist that you wait; it is a simple tactic to lengthen time. Well, if it is an external seller through Amazon, you have to talk to Amazon itself.

The best way to avoid this is to pay using verified methods with money-back guarantees, such as PayPal. Refunds you the item price plus shipping costs if a product does not arrive or is not as described.

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6. Fake charity scam

Christmas is slowly approaching, shopping dates arrive and many people make donations to charities during the holidays. Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there hoping to take advantage of people’s good intentions.

The scams Charity fraud schemes pose as charities, where scammers go to great lengths to deceive their victims. Using fake copycat websites and well-orchestrated social media campaigns, these scammers trick people into making donations that never make it to a legitimate organization.


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