“We request help, means and support to be able to continue working for and for the students in decent working conditions”, the teachers claim

Teachers gather last March in Toledo due to the attack by the father of a student on two teachers and a social worker.EFE
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In the IES Polgono Surin the Seville neighborhood of The Three Thousand Houses, the teachers asked for help a month ago because the climate of coexistence exceeds certain limits of extreme violence that literally impedes the process of teaching. They denounced that teaching was impossible because they had to continuously manage aggressive behavior and disrespect from students. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the attack on a teacher, on October 14, by one of these students. The police had to intervene.

But it was not the only incident. This is how they tell their day to day in a manifesto against violence in the center to which they have had access THE WORLD: Since the beginning of the course there have been almost daily fights between students with physical and verbal aggression, damage to the furniture in the center, burning wooden cabinets with fire, activating fire extinguishers in the corridors, playing card games with money and consumption. of tobacco and narcotic substances.

The letter speaks of gangs of children armed with sticks who roam the center refusing to enter the class, continued physical and verbal attacks on teachers, death threats, boycotts with the use of violence in the classroom to prevent classes from being taught…

He adds that the management team itself has suffered threats, insults and attacks from the families. More drastic measures have been taken, such as expulsions, but these do not diminish the pattern of violent behavior of the students, which occurs again when they return to the center. One of those students, in fact, was the one who attacked the teacher, who had to abandon her homework and go to a medical center. He is currently on leave, as confirmed by the director on Tuesday, who assured that the Inspection has intervened and the incidents have already been resolved, without wanting to comment further on the facts.

Bad teacher, incompetent, we’ll see each other’s faces, I know where you live

This letter confirms that there are other institutes where teachers do not feel safe, such as the IES Dominguez Ortiz, affected in the same situation. The area is one of the most marginalized in Seville, but the Polgono Sur teachers emphasize that neither the characteristics of the center, which is difficult to perform, nor its socio-economic context can under no circumstances justify attacks on teachers, which threaten physical integrity. and psychological, not only from teachers but also from students. We request help, means and support to be able to continue working for and for the students in decent working conditions, they add.

Teacher Ombudsman Report

This phrase synthesizes the feelings of many other teachers in Spain. We are worried that we will not be able to adequately attend to the students, warned this Tuesday carolina fernandezOf the pinevice president of Anpe in the Community of Madrid, during the presentation of the report of the Ombudsman for Teachers that this union offers throughout Spain. A total of 1,994 teachers have complained about the problems they have in teaching, the lack of respect and the attacks they receive while carrying out their tasks. There are even false complaints from both students and their parents.

The number of complaints is more or less the same as the previous year, but now more and more complexities are being detected related to the state of mind, the bureaucratic burden and attention to students with special needs, according to the coordinator of the Teacher’s Ombudsman, Teresa Hernndez.

The report sees a 45% increase in sick leave reported in its service, going from 195 in the 2020/21 academic year to 279 in 2021/22. There were 1,556 calls related to anxiety cases, 3.4% more than the previous year, while those of depression (221) have grown by 0.45%.

There is the case of the principal of a school in Aragon who had problems with a 5th grade student (10-11 years old): He has attacked teachers by throwing notebooks, chairs, and glasses from the dining room. After notifying the police, he kicks her. In two weeks it is already the second time that he has been expelled. The mother has also insulted me for expelling the son from her. Or that teacher on anxiety leave after her students posted a video on TikTok ridiculing it that reached more than a million views. Or that other teacher who is threatened by the father of a student: Bad teacher, incompetent, we’ll see each other’s faces, I know where you live.

Among the reasons for the increase in casualties, Anpe mentions that students after the pandemic, faced with the uncertainties of the future and in a context of tension, have no motivation to learn. The bureaucratic tasks have increased, he denounces, and they do not feel supported by the administration. The lomloe and other new attributions, such as the figure of the welfare coordinator, complicate their work. sums it up Francisco Venzalpresident of Anpe: All the problems are burdened on us.

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