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The SLVJ space, located in the Canalejas Gallery Food Hallis the culinary heart of the group, a place where their dishes are created and a totally personalized experience is offered exclusively to the diner, in the style of the omakases Japanese where the chef prepares a personalized menu and interacts with customers.

This SLVJ, designed for the public with the most demanding palate, proposes a playful and exquisite journey through the more casual Japanese cuisine With a drink menu full of surprises, with proposals such as crystalline tequila, which is all the rage in Spain: SLVJ Canalejas has the most desired brands.

One of the ceremonies that most excites the West is that of omakase (from Japanese makaseruwhich means trust), in this experience, the cook prepares the dishes he wants, always with the best raw material available, in a double auto-da-fé: the diner places himself completely in the chef’s hands and the latter, as a result of this knowledge of his client’s tastes, strives to please him. SLVJ Canalejas, the most exclusive space of this label in Madrid, has its own menu omakasein which the itamae (expert chef in sushi) talks with customers, asks them about their tastes, allergies and budget, if they request it, and designs a totally personalized menu, which he explains step by step.

SLVJ Canalejas is the seal’s laboratory —all the proposals on the menu are illuminated here—, and it is the perfect place for those seeking to enjoy the hedonistic and gastro spirit of SLVJ, but with a plus of exclusivity and attention. Unlike the omakases traditional, the proposal goes beyond sushiso you don’t have to give up the fragrant fish and meat that come out of your robata and a selection of ideal proposals to share.

crystal clear tequila

The customization of this menu also extends to the liquid section. Both the chef and the head of the room will recommend to the diners which drinks pair best with the dishes that are coming out of the kitchen. One of the most interesting novelties on the menu is the crystalline tequila, a trend that has recently arrived from Mexico and is conquering the palates of national drinkers. In addition to its flavor, its totally transparent color is surprising, the result of subjecting traditional tequila —reposado, añejo or extrañejo— to filtration with fine crystals of activated carbonwhich eliminates the darker tones of these aged tequilas to turn them into exquisite distillates with all the complexity of a full-bodied tequila, although with a creamier, smoother and cleaner palate, like that of whites, and with its same color.

SLVJ Canalejas, the nucleus of the group, has a complete list of spirits in which there is no shortage of different references to this exclusive drink. Volcano of My Crystalline Land is one of them. Fruit of the union of aged and foreign tequilas, after filtering it maintains all its character, although with less presence of the notes arising from barrel aging. On the nose, its aromas of tobacco, nuts, chocolate, vanilla and cooked agave stand out. They also have another exquisite brand, 1800, whose crystalline is the result of purifying their best blue agave aged tequila, which ages in American and French oak barrels and, later, in port wine barrels. The result is a distillate of exceptional quality, perfect to pair with all kinds of dishes or to enjoy after dinner.

In addition to this new drink, SLVJ Canalejas has a complete selection of premium traditional tequilas, vodkas, whiskeys, liqueurs, wines from the main Spanish denominations, sparkling wines, champagnes and sakes, ideal for harmonizing a Japanese soul meal like SLVJ’s. Of course, it’s always a good idea to opt for your signature cocktailsinnovative combinations of drinks and botanicals with a gastronomic soul.


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