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Many popular beliefs attribute certain cognitive abilities to going to bed late or getting up early. The phrase ” the world belongs to those who get up early “, is the perfect illustration. A group of scientists from the University of Ottawa decided to decide by conducting a scientific study on the subject.

Early risers express themselves better

To carry out their work, the researchers brought together a group of 61 participants aged 20 to 78. The latter were divided into two groups according to their chronotype. This term corresponds to biological rhythm of the individual when undisturbed by external factors. This is influenced by the pace of life and the relationship to screens. It can also be hereditary. And there are two types of chronotypes: Iare early risers and night owls.

The scientists asked the participants to complete a questionnaire called “Home-ostberg Morningness-Eveningness” which aims to determine the type of rhythm. They also had to wear an electronic device to measure their daily activity, bedtime and wake up time, for ten days. At the end of the experiment, the researchers submitted various cognitive tests to the participants. Their verbal capacity, reasoning and short-term memory were assessed.

And results published in the journal Current Research in Behavioral Sciences showed that early risers have greater verbal ability than night owls. “People with an earlier morning chronotype have greater inter-day stability,” says Stuart Fogel, director of the University of Ottawa’s Sleep Research Laboratory and one of the authors. In other words, it means they have a sleep/wake cycle more regular.

The Importance of Stop Comparing Sleep Cycles

This study contradicts previous research that had proven that night owls had superior intellectual abilities. Apart from the nuances mentioned above, the researchers do not note any concrete differences. This proves that it is essential tostop comparing different cycles between them. For good reason, sleep is an individual need that does not manifest itself at the same time or at the same intensity depending on the individual.

In an interview on the subject with Stylist UK, Dr Kat Lederle, therapist and sleep specialist, says that two types of chronotype have advantages and disadvantages. “Society should be less rigid and allow people to sleep and be active according to their needs,” he concludes.

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