things in Argentina they are not exactly as bright as the sun on their flag. as they were not enough the economic upheavals that have them spending oil wave World Cup defeat against Saudi Arabia that already qualifies as national mourningNow even the personal relations of its president, Alberto Fernández, are teetering in tension.

According to the Argentine press, Alberto Fernandez this angry with AMLO for which he even canceled his trip to Mexico.

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Although that not the official version why the president of Argentina will not be in our country —Now we tell you that—the tensions between what were two close compadres in Latin America is quite an interesting thing.

President of Argentina cancels trip to Mexico

It was expected that Alberto Fernandez was present at Mexico during the meeting of the Pacific alliance. she would be with other Latin American presidents visiting our country. In the end continental meeting canceledbut the president of Argentina —since before— said that he would not be in these parts.

The official version is that he has health problems.

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According to recent reports, the president of Argentina have erosive gastritis with some events bleeding. “It made my blood pressure drop a lot and forced me to do a study on my stomach to see if the bleeding had stopped,” said the president.

However, among the gossip, the The nation —one of the most recognized media in Argentina— ensures that the reason why Alberto Fernández does not come to Mexico is because he got angry with AMLO due to the controversial election of the new president of the Inter-American Bank (IDB)

Mexico wanted the national candidate to take the IDB position, so it did not support the albiceleste candidate… but the Mexican lost spectacularly getting only 3 votes when the eventual winner, a Brazilian, scored 17.

The government of our country did not take the defeat very well. In a half squirrel release —which has gone viral in the last few hours— They said that it is “more of the same” and applying Regina George they said that they appreciated the support of the two countries that did support it.

Neither of these two countries was Argentina.

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Despite the friendship with AMLO, Argentinaafter the rebuff of his national candidate, he supported the candidate of Brazil in search of neighboring countries resuming the good relationship. “(The trip) to Mexico is in doubt because the BID thing was uncoordinated. The negotiation was good, but with the United States”, say government sources in The nation.

In the end, whether apples or pears, health problems or personal outrages, the president of Argentina does not come to Mexico.

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