The Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanes has died tonight at the age of 77 after being hospitalized in Madrid for more than a week, official media reported to efe.

Milanés, one of the most renowned voices in Cuban music, was the founder and architect of the Nueva Trova sound along with other renowned artists such as silvio rodriguez Y Noel Nicola.

Author of classics such as “Yolanda”, Milanés published more than 40 albums throughout his career and won, among others, the Cuban National Music Award and the Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence.

The Cuban singer-songwriter was hospitalized on November 12 in Madrid due to “the effects of a series of recurring infections that in the last three months have been affecting his state of health,” according to a statement from his artistic office at the time.

His last artistic tour “Días de luz” brought the legendary singer-songwriter the relief to sing again and be in contact with the publicwho received him jubilantly at each concert and sang his usual songs along with the new deliveries he produced during the pandemic break.

The latest dates announced in Spain, Mexico and Santo Domingo were postponed due to a worsening of various conditions linked to the health problems that had afflicted him for decades. Years ago he had moved to Spain to treat an oncohematological disease.

Music is everything to me, the best way I find to express myself, the best way to feel and even think. I think that musicians have another very special language, which allows us to communicate, that is something unique”, confessed the artist, born in Bayamo (east) on February 24, 1943.

In fact, he claimed that his best recitals, “the most open and spontaneous, take place before the public on my island”.

Last June, Havana hosted his last performance in Cuba. And it was quite an event.

The tickets for the first proposed stage, the National Theater, were sold out shortly and the protest of their followers, rising like a tide on social networks, resulted in the transfer of the concert to the Coliseo de la Ciudad Deportiva, with a capacity of four times higher.

The Cuban public then saw Milanés get to the set in a wheelchairan image that for many was an omen that the health problems dragged on for decades had worsened.

This visit to Havana also meant reuniting with his family on the island five months after the unexpected death of his daughter Suylén due to a stroke at the beginning of 2022.

Milanese resided since 2014 in Vigo (Spain)along with his last wife and manager, the Galician historian Nancy Pérez, with whom he had two children.

29 times in the operating room

Throughout his life, Milanés entered the operating room 29 times, mainly due to a chronic necrosis in the head of the femur, but also due to a hernia and renal failurewhich led him to undergo a kidney transplant donated by his wife in 2014.

Added to this is his suffering from dupuytrena disease that caused him to progressively close his hand and prevented him from playing the guitar for several years.

In 2017 he moved to live in Spain to be treated a type of cancer that affected your immune response.

But the musician always prevailed in the face of adversity and persisted in his desire to continue his work. He composed more than 400 songs and published more than forty addition to composing music for seven feature films and more than thirty documentaries and television series.

Paul and politics

Founder of the Cuban New Trova Along with Silvio Rodríguez and the late Noel Nicola, a musical movement charged with political overtones, Milanés was during the last decades one of the most critical figures of Cuban culture with the island’s political system.

In 1992 I was convinced that the Cuban system had definitely failed and I denounced it.“, he declared after the anti-government protests on July 11, 2021 on the island, the largest in decades.

The creator of “To live”, “The brief space in which you are not” and “I love this island”, then reiterated his confidence in the Cuban people “to seek the best possible system of coexistence and prosperitywith full freedoms and without repression”.

Last September, Milanes was part of the hundred Cuban artists and intellectuals who signed a civil society manifesto and spoke on social networks for the promotion of changes in his country “within a spirit of sovereignty, inclusion and respect for the human beingto their dignity and most basic aspirations”.

Yolanda, her anthem song

Of all his songs, “Yolanda” has been the most sung by him throughout his five decades of artistic career, to such an extent that has come to register at the head of his repertoire as a hymn.

Yolanda Benet, his second wife and mother of his first three daughters -Lynn, Liam and Suylén- She was the inspiring muse and according to her she recounted the first time that Milanés sang the song for her “paralyzed her”.

It is undoubtedly his star theme, the winner of the test imposed by the passage of time, a love song present in each of his concerts chanted by the public verse by verse of the poet who was the owner of a voice like a torrentclear, special and unforgettable

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