Olivia reveals the truth about the alcohol on The Bachelorette 2022

The Bachelorette 2022 is in full swing and already in the first two weeks the program has generated strong reactions.

This year, there are 19 guys who went down to warm Greece in search of great love. And a lot of water has flown under the bridges.

There have been strong emotions, tears, laughter, anger, frustration, nervousness and jealousy. And now the guys have started to get their fish warm as they have to start going home one by one.

Bachelorette of the Year, Olivia Birgersson has met with a standing ovation from the audience, who also fell in love with her.

Olivia is this year’s Bachelorette. Image source: TV4

However, there has also been a bit of a ruckus after the Norwegian Lloyd Lawrence was submitted as a wild card in the program. The first thing he did was to comment on Olivia’s appearance and weight, which caused many viewers to react.

Some of the comments read:

– Why waste Olivia’s time sending him in?

– Such an unattractive guy is only sent in to make TV. Out with him ill-witted.

– Unnecessary for him to come in when she is looking for someone to share her life with.

Olivia and Adam on a beach date. Image source: TV4

The secret behind the alcohol in Bachelorette 2022

But Olivia has also had a series of very romantic and successful dates with some of the guys. What the dates have in common is that they always take place in a cozy environment, there are always some tasty snacks and some alcoholic drink is always served. Many times Olivia can also go from one date to another.

Ice cold beer, crisp white or a bubbly glass of bubbly? Image source: TV4

And alcohol can also be seen being served fresh during the guys’ rose mingling and in the evenings when they hang out in the house. It made one viewer wonder:

“Do you drink every day during the trip? Aren’t you a little drunk every day, then?”

“Are you a little silly every day?”. Image source: oliviabirgersson/Instagram

Olivia then replied:

“No, you don’t. But there were definitely some glasses down there,” she wrote.

Source: Then24

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