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Håkan “Nordman” Hemlin broke through with the song “Vandraren” in 1994. Together with Mats Wester Håkan forms the duo Nordman, which over the years has released eight studio albums.

Nordman is now featured in “So much better”, and there both drugs and Håkan’s time in prison have come up.

Håkan “Nordman” Hemlin about all drugs: “Drove it in the arm”

During a large part of his career, Håkan Hemlin has struggled with drug abuse, which he has talked openly about over the years. The year 1998 was the beginning of a long-term addiction.

– I had tried some drugs but then everything escalated and I became very destructive and messed up everything. It didn’t matter if it was dental anesthesia or other preparations, I drove it up my arm, Håkan Hemlin said in an interview with Expressen in 2008.

Håkan Hemlin 1996. Image source: Fredrik Sandberg/PICA/TT Image

In the same interview, Håkan Hemlin said that the drugs he used most were amphetamines and hashish. He sometimes diluted the amphetamine with xylocaine and dental anesthesia. But heroin was never his thing as he doesn’t want to “sit and scratch his face”.

All the money Håkan Hemlin earned went to the drugs.

Håkan Hemlin high on cocaine in Nyhetsmorgon

Nordman split in 1998. An appearance in Nyhetsmorgon in 1997 was the trigger. Håkan Hemlin came there drunk and high on cocaine after a party night at Stureplansklubben Spy Bar. In his book “Förlist: Mitt liv och Nordman” he writes about the scandal in Nymo.

“I came to Nyhetsmorgon both high and drunk. I was completely screwed, didn’t know the lyrics to the song and started scolding people when they claimed I was under the influence. I was slurring and people were shouting. I didn’t even know where I was” , he wrote in the book.

Nordman later reunited.

Nordman in Melodifestivalen 2008. They competed with their entry “In the flame of flames”. Image source: Janerik Henriksson/TT Bild

Håkan “Nordman” Hemlin has been in prison

According to the Swedish Parliament, Håkan Hemlin has been convicted over the years for illegal driving, drunk driving, tax offenses and several cases of minor drug offences.

In May 2011, he got into a car under the influence of drugs. He fell asleep behind the wheel and drove off the road. He had 2.52 grams of amphetamine in his pocket and narcotics were in his blood.

In an interview with Aftonbladet, Håkan Hemlin said that he had then been awake “for fourteen days straight”. For the drunk driving, Hemlin was sentenced to a day’s fine.

Nordman about the time in prison: “Don’t be afraid to lose the soap”

Håkan Hemlin has been in prison several times, the crimes have then been illegal driving, drug offenses and drunk driving, writes Faktum.

In his book “Förlist: Mitt liv och Nordman” Håkan Hemlin has written about his first time in prison. Then he was in the Viskan prison in Sundsvall.

“Most things are planned. We played cards, watched TV, went to the gym and took an hour’s walk a day. It was pretty good, actually. A little school lunch. But I was deprived of my freedom and it felt too damn good. Time passed very slowly . The first two weeks were the worst, before you got into the cold, and the last. Then time crawled by. At Viskan there were guys for drug offenses and assault and stuff like that. It was quite calm in there, it wasn’t like the prisons in the movies straight away. You didn’t have to be afraid of dropping the soap in the shower.”

In the book, Håkan wrote about what the days at the institution looked like. Lock-in at 8 p.m. Work duty between 08.00 and 16.00.

“I was in the workshop and earned 8.70 an hour. Money that went to cigarettes,” writes Håkan in his book.

Håkan Hemlin 2008. Image source: Bertil Ericson/TT Bild

Are Nordman racists? Håkan Hemlin responds to the rumor

Throughout his career, Nordman has been dogged by rumors that they were racist. This was when the back of the cover of the single “Förlist” was decorated with a circular cross. It is an old symbol that has been used by Norwegian and Swedish Nazis, writes the newspaper Faktum.

Nordman pulled the single with the image of the circular cross, but the rumor has persisted. In the interview with Faktum, Håkan Hemlin says that they are absolutely not xenophobic.

– Racists are ill-bred and unintelligent people. What the Sweden Democrats are doing is just nonsense. Although I don’t trust any politicians. Everyone is just talking, but is something happening?, he told Faktum, among other things, then.

Håkan Hemlin has been drug-free for 10 years. Image source: Tim Aro/TT Bild

This is how Nordman lives today

Today, Håkan Hemlin has been drug-free for 10 years. In January earlier this year, he married his love Heidi Lund, who has now taken the surname Hemlin.

The couple lives together in Halmstad.

In an interview with Aftonbladet recently, Håkan said that he has also gotten in much better contact with his children and that they talk almost every day.

Source: Then24

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