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It will no longer be so easy to get these trophies.

Since PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the consoles of both companies have been characterized by adding the trophies and achievementsbeing these extra objectives that the developers put in the games to encourage players to obtain 100%, this being something that has now taken on much more value because Playstation Stars uses them to level up users of this rewards service.

Now, it must be said that not all trophies are equally difficult to obtainwhereas on PlayStation the Platinum is the highest achievement in a gamebeing this the trophy that we unlock when obtaining all the others, thereby giving rise to this having the same value regardless of the difficulty of a game, since there are games like God of War Ragnarok that require at least 40 hours for their Platinum , while others with five minutes go forward.

Sony will start banning games and developers who make easy trophy games

A PlayStation player has been winning trophies for 3,000 consecutive days

The Platinum Trophy is achieved on PS4 and PS5, after obtaining all the trophies.

In this last group we find a list of games whose mission is to players get Platinums in five minuteswhereas they are generally extremely simple games that with the press of a button give you one achievement after another, making them a bargain for all you obsessed with trophies, but, to be honest, having a minimal and basic development. And before this type of game, PlayStation has announced that it will take action.

This has been done in a letter to its developers in which they indicate that this class of games will be banned or removed from the Playstation Store, at the same time that their development teams cannot publish more games on their consoles. It should be noted that it is something that at first could shock, since, after all, Sony should not care about this type of game. However, the fact that in PlayStation Star you level up with the Platinums may have forced the company to put the batteries.

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