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By Vladislav Sankin

However brutal and inhuman this way of conflict resolution is in itself, even in war there are certain rules and even laws. For example, the killing or wounding of a combatant who has laid down his arms or is no longer able to defend himself constitutes a violation of the laws of the international armed conflict. It has long been known that Ukrainian soldiers grossly violate these laws when dealing with Russian prisoners of war.

From time to time, since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, videos hand-made by Ukrainian militants have surfaced showing either the killing or injuring of Russian prisoners. But the number of victims of this brutality was in all of these cases, at least according to the videos, still in the single digits. After the publication of the drone video from the village of Makeyevka in the People’s Republic of Lugansk on Friday, one can now speak of the first mass murder of prisoners of war documented with video evidence. According to this video, at least ten Russian soldiers were allegedly shot in the head while lying on the ground.

In Russia, not only the incident itself caused anger and horror. It is well known from numerous testimonies that the Ukrainians not only shoot Russian prisoners of war, but also civilians or those who refuse to obey orders. The fact that the Ukrainian soldiers refrained from covering up this mass murder was appalling. On the contrary, they also flaunt it by publishing the evidence for it. This behavior is reminiscent of crimes committed by the Nazis in World War II or by IS terrorists just a few years ago. So of the absolutely evil, of the inhuman. For even a criminal who still tries to keep his sins to himself by covering up his crime acts more humanely than one who brags about the crime he has committed.

Even if they feel like Russia’s victims during the war, the fine line that separates the human from the inhuman seems to have been crossed several times in Ukraine. In addition, the constant public calls for the murder of Russians and the fury with destruction of monuments and cultural assets suggest that an ideology that glorifies violence and destruction has again become the ideological mainstay of an entire nation.

NYT: Videos of alleged killings of Russian soldiers are real

Even the West could not ignore the Makeyevka incident. It’s at least talked about in some mainstream media. the New York Times does not consider the video to be a staging, but rather proof of an alleged war crime. “How can something like this be real?” German journalists, who are used to only reporting on alleged Russian war crimes, ask themselves.

But the Russians, while they may have committed them, have not displayed images of their victims in the way their opponents in Ukraine have done. If you want to know how the Ukrainian site deals with pictures of the dead, you should take a look at the main page of the terrorist-oriented Ukrainian pro-government hate portal “Mirotvorets” (Warning, the pictures are extremely disturbing!).

The Ukrainians who shot the Russian soldiers were bastards and they should not receive any punishment other than “pure punishment” (чистая кара), commented former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on the massacre. “Even if it takes years to find them.

Others in Russia are wondering how it was possible that the perpetrators, young men from Kharkov near the border, who are hardly different from the people in neighboring Belgorod, Russia, could do such a thing. According to Russian sources, the identified Ukrainian soldiers are said to be graduates of a college for police officers in Kharkov and former participants in a sketch competition that is popular in Russia. This means that they certainly had numerous informal contacts with Russia at the time.

Russian Defense Ministry condemns Kyiv and West for mass murder of prisoners of war

The journalist, writer and member of the Russian Human Rights Council Marina Akhmedova tries to put herself in the psyche of the Russians in Ukraine, the Russians who now hate Russia and thereby hate themselves because of the hate propaganda against everything Russian. Such cruelty would not have happened if the prisoners had not been Russians, she suspects. Akhmedova notes that international organizations at least take note of this video, which prompted the Ukrainian side to issue a statement that Russian soldiers were being shot dead by Ukrainians in self-defense.

“That’s because by the day Ukraine is growing up in its brutality, pushing boundaries that are stretched even for organizations that are biased towards us.”

People in Russia who are close to the front see the video as an opportunity to take serious consequences. Well-known military blogger Wladlen Tatarski says in a video comment:

“Everyone who goes to the front must remember that Ukraine is like the Islamic State, only in Europe. There is no reason to capitulate to it, but to resist to the end, especially if one arises opportunity.”

The respected military correspondent Alexander Sladkov also suggests that those killed should not have surrendered without a fight. “Our conclusion… Maybe we shouldn’t give up after all? Maybe we should definitely fight to the end?”

He believes the release of the video is a deliberate act of psychological warfare to fuel more mutual hatred between the warring factions. This is in the interests of the West.

“The West is pouring oil into the furnace of hatred. The West is smearing Kyiv more and more with our blood.”

Pardoned Ukrainian soldier calls for the death of all Russians on TV, including children

In addition, the attempt to prevent an anti-Western military revolt in Ukraine with this video can be seen. He recalled the Russian President’s appeal to the Ukrainian military on the first day of the military operation. At the time, Putin believed it would be easier to reach an agreement with Ukrainian army personnel than with politicians in Kyiv. According to Sladkow, NATO is concerned with preventing fraternization in the trenches.

Field commander and Telegram blogger Alexander Khodakovsky recalls the poem by Soviet WWII writer Konstantin Simonov, which in the ultimate form called for killing fascists (“Kill him if you love your home”). But since, according to him, the war in Ukraine is a civil war, he calls for not getting back at the Ukrainians with the same hat:

“When I look at the footage of our captured and killed soldiers, that’s exactly what I want to say. Those who wrote the script expect us to say it (“Kill him”– Editor’s note). And this war must be understood in Tolstoy’s terms: severe and earnest, as a terrible necessity.”

more on the subject – “We must kill as many Russians as possible” – Kazakhstan reprimands ambassador of Ukraine

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