Find out who the evil clone of Spider-Man is and how he will return to the comic book pages.

In Marvel comics, Spider-Man has a clone named Ben Reilly. This character, like Spider-Man, plays the role of a superhero called Spider-Scarlet or Scarlet Spider. He first appeared in volume #149 of the comic. The Amazing Spider-Man in October 1975.

He has the same powers as Spider-Man.: Strength, agility and heightened senses, spider-sense, the ability to shoot webs and stick to surfaces.

This character will have an appearance in the next volumes of the comic. The Amazing Spider-Man. Next we will tell you all the details about the acclaimed appearance of this character in Marvel comics.

Spider-Man’s evil clone returns

As mentioned earlier, Benjamin “Ben” Reilly, is the clone of Spider-Man who has been Spider-Scarlet. He is also known to have played the roles of Spider-Man, Spider-Carnage, and Jackal.

Ben Reilly

In the comic series “Clone Saga” from Marvel, this hero he initially wore a makeshift Spider-Man suitwhich consisted of a red jumpsuit, a blue sleeveless sweatshirt with a spider print on the front and back, a red spandex mask, and relatively large belts and web shooters.

Subsequently began wearing a variant of the Spider-Man suitdesigned by artist Mark Bagley.

Spider Scarlet Costumes

Makeshift outfit | Suit designed by Mark Bagley

Originally, this character played the hero role as Spider-Scarlet, but in his more recent appearances, Ben is no longer Spider-Scarlet, not Spider-Man, and not even a superhero, has assumed a new villain identity, Chasmand finds himself searching for Spider-Man with a vengeance.

Ben Reilly will appear soon in volume #14 of the comic The Amazing Spider-Man, and most likely it will be as an antagonist. Later we can see it as Chasm in the crossing of Marvel’s Dark Weballied to Madelyne Pryor, also known as Goblin Queen or Goblin Queen.

Madelyne Pryor (Goblin Queen)

Madelyne Pryor (Goblin Queen)

In this event we will also be able to see other characters like Spider-Man, Venom and the X-Men who, together, must cope with the combined might of Chasm and Goblin Queen.

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