Everyone knows those mornings when after a night you have to get out of bed without humor and you immediately know that this day cannot be a good one. In this case, one is said to have got up with the left foot. Negative attitude accompanies from the morning and indeed nothing goes as it should. It turns out that you can say goodbye to bad mood with a simple but effective method.

Even the greatest optimist can have a bad day. You can feel it from the moment you open your eyes, even if you had a good night’s sleep. This is not good because a bad morning sets us up mentally for an equally bad day, which acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We have no control over how we wake up. It depends on many factors, such as stress or fears that accompany us, which we do not always control. Getting out of bed without a smile doesn’t just mean that the whole day will probably turn out to be just as hopeless. By the way, the risk that we will be less concentrated, work and study will be worse, and it will be easier to throw us off balance. Fortunately, one simple thing is enough to prevent a catastrophe.

The singing of birds improves the mood for a long time. The study showed this

Researchers from King’s College London, UK, have investigated the effect that birdsong has on mood. The conclusions drawn from it are very encouraging.

A study showing the remarkable mental health properties of birdsong was conducted between April and October. More than 1,200 volunteers from various parts of Europe and the USA took part in it. People participating in the study provided information 3 times a day about how they felt and whether they saw or heard birds. The answers were given through the appropriate application. With this data, researchers have established a link between listening to birdsong and well-being.

The conclusions of the study are very positive. Volunteers who heard birds sing in the morning saw a significant improvement in their mood throughout the day. The same study was also conducted in a group of people suffering from depression and mental illness. The findings are equally encouraging, as this group also found an improvement in well-being associated with listening to and watching the birds.

Bird trills improve the mood for a long time

The study showed that the improvement in mood is not temporary, as the effect can last up to 8 hours. Other studies have proven that listening to the sounds of nature and communing with it has a soothing effect on felt pain, lowers the level of anxiety, relaxes, which makes us think more efficiently. The sounds of birds were great for reducing stress and nervousness. Without a doubt, contact with nature is something that our psyche needs for health.

You can’t always listen to such a concert live, but you can recreate soothing sounds from recordings. Even a momentary relaxation, stopping and closing your eyes in such an atmosphere will help you calm down after a nervous wake-up call and set yourself positively for the coming day.

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