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He not only makes his comeback as Indiana Jones in the 5th part, Harrison Ford has a double role: The 80-year-old plays both the old “Indy” and again the young version of his alter ego in the times of “The Robbers of the Lost Ark”. . For this, the star had to be digitally rejuvenated by 40 years. In “Empire Magazine” he now reveals what went through his head when he saw himself for the first time as a 39-year-old: “I thought it was a bit scary and I don’t even want to know how they managed it. But it works.”

The Hollywood legend reveals that similar things have been tried with him in the past – with little success. But as a young Indiana Jones he finds himself “totally believable”. The filmmakers used a new 3D rejuvenation technology. The young version of the actor was “superimposed” on the desired scenes during post-production using computer technology.Harrison Ford meets Mads MikkelsenPart 5 of “Indiana Jones” takes place in 1969 and revolves around the space race between the USA and the USSR. And as in the first parts, the film archaeologist has to deal with his favorite enemies again: Nazis. In the words of screenwriter Jeff Butterworth in Empire: “The fact is that the moon landing program was run by a number of ex-Nazis. How ‘ex’ they are, however, is the question. And Indy smells something…” Mads Mikkelson was inspired by the German rocket researcher Wernher von Braun when playing his scientist villain Voller: “He wants to make up for some mistakes of the past. And there is something that would make the world a better place. Voller absolutely wants to get that and is in a race for it with Indiana Jones!” “Shooting was hard, long and exhausting”Ford is happy that he can once again take on his cult role: “I wished Indiana Jones could do it again at the end to see his journey. And then came the script, which gave me the opportunity to renew my role once more.” The veteran actor admits that his first Indiana Jones movie four decades ago was a lot easier physically than the last one: “The Filming was hard, long and exhausting. But I am very happy with the film that came out of it!”

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