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One of the directors of the final episode of The Walking Dead explained how they managed to make the ending sentimental and leave clues about the future of the franchise.

after 11 seasons the walking dead finally came to an end, leaving many fans satisfied because the return of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) paved the way to lay the foundation for the series spin-off that will star in the next 2023. However, Greg Nicotero, one of the directors of the show commented to ew that the denouement hides some very important messages for the show and its future.


A very emotional ending

The final episode of the walking dead makes it clear that Rick and Michonne they were in separate places, and apparently at separate times, but connected through images of campfires and each writing in a journal that turns out to be the same. This is because in a sequence Rick he put his boots, diary and phone in a bag and then tossed it into a boat to avoid an approaching CRM helicopter. On the other hand, we also saw Michonne with that same bag, diary, boots and phone, so it is likely that she used those clues that led her on her journey to find her missing husband.

Minutes later, a helicopter approached Rick and informed him that they had located him and that he had instructions to surrender. However, before Michonne was able to mount her horse and head off to the zombie herd, Rick’s letter ended and we returned to see more images of other characters from the walking dead over the course of the series as we hear their voices repeat the same words: “We are the ones who live.”

What does the sentence at the end mean?

The phrase “we are the ones who live” was first uttered by Rick in the episode “try” from season 5 after fighting Porch Dick. Michonne then repeated the line to Rick in the Alexandria makeshift jail in the season 7 midseason finale.“Hearts Still Beating”. “We are still standing and we are going to continue standing. So what do we do with it? How do we make that mean something? We are the ones who do things. You said that. We are the ones who live”. Michonne said.

Michonne then he repeated the words to Rick in the season 7 episode “Rock in the Road” after surviving “We are here! Can you smile. We did it…we can do it. We are the ones who live”. In this regard, the director of content, Scott M Gimple commented that “this phrase was always pretty wild”, because there were a lot of people dying.

“I never took it to mean it would only apply to living people, because that seemed a bit of a stretch. […] It seemed to me that there is a relationship and love that cannot be extinguished, and that is what is forged in this hell that we have lived together, and the beautiful thing is that we live forever for each other. and beyond. That, to me, seems to be the message of the whole thing.”

Scott M Gimple

the walking dead

Was The Walking Dead finale going to have more cameos?

The director confessed that the voices that repeat the phrase are current characters from the walking dead What Maggie, Gabriel, Aaron, Eugene, Ezekiel, Negan, Carol, Daryl. Also included is the former member and current character of fear the walking dead Morgan (Lennie James), and other characters in the cast, such as Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Seth Gilliam (Gabriel), ross marquand (Aaron), lennie james (Morgan), Cooper Andrews (Jerry), Okea Eme-Akwari (Elijah), Margot bingham (Max), steven yeun (Glenn)Danai Gurira (Michonne), Andrew Lincoln (Rick), among others.

G.simple expressed that he did not only want to dwell on the voices. “There were visions I had in my head of even trying to photograph people in a way and integrate them into it.” However, the speed at whichwe moved, it didn’t seem like we could do it visually in a way that seemed believable.” This is how the difficulty in the visual combination led them to discard the idea, especially because the artists they look very different regarding their characters and there was no time to characterize them properly either.

“This was very tightly scheduled, and we would have had to schedule multiple shoots across the country to do it. Also, you know, in previous seasons of Survivor, when they went straight from the last Tribal Council to the live event and everyone looks completely different in a span of 30 seconds? I was also a little worried about that. Josh McDermitt’s hair is blonde right now.”

Scott M Gimple

In the end, though, footage from the 11-season journey of the walking dead with the recorded audio of the actors. “At the end of the day, looking at what we did editorially, I was pretty excited, because it came true. And I guess there’s something to seeing the past.”the director finished.

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