We are going to explain to you how to have a VPN in one click in Chrome with NordVPN, which is one of the most popular paid VPN services when it comes to improving the privacy of your computer. You will be able to do this easily using an extension for Chrome.

We are going to start the article by telling you what exactly a VPN is, and then we will finish by giving you some quick instructions on how you can configure it in your browser to activate it with a single click. And all this you will have it more extended in the video that we added in the article.

What is a VPN

Every time you connect to the Internet, you connect your mobile or computer to the router, and then the router communicates with your Internet provider. The VPN adds a layer of privacy between the Internet provider and your router, meaning that what reaches the provider has passed and been filtered first by the VPN.

Basically, what a VPN network does is create a local network virtuallyhiding personal data such as your real IP, and being able to camouflage the country from which you are browsing. In addition, your connection travels encrypted, so that the operator does not know the data that is in your connection.

With this type of system you will be able to improve your security and privacy on the Internet, being also useful when working and shopping, or for bypass blocks or censorship of content in certain countries.

There are different types of VPN, free and paid. The paid ones are the safest, while the free VPNs can help you in specific cases such as to simulate that you are connecting from another country, but your data travels to the server of the company that owns it, so this company may be able to spy on you. Come on, for specific cases they are fine, but for security and privacy the best ones are the paid ones.

VPN in your browser

Chrome Web Store

The best way to have a configured VPN always at hand in your browser is using an official extension. We are going to use the one from NordVPN, which you can find in the Chrome Web Store. You can also use others, but you should be careful not to use an unknown or random one, as VPNs will get all your browsing data to work, so a not very good one can do more harm than help.

Add To Chrome

Once you are inside the NordVPN profile or the VPN you have chosen, you have to press the button Add to Chrome that you will have in blue at the top right. This is to install the extension in your browser. Remember that you can also install Chrome extensions in Edge and in other browsers that do not have an official one.


When you click on the button to add the extension to Chrome, a window will be displayed informing you of the data that your VPN needs to access to work. To install it you will have to click on add extension to accept those permissions.


And that’s it. Now, whenever you want you will only have to click on the NordVPN icon that has been created in Chromeand after logging in with the service account you will be able to access any of the more than 5600 servers spread over 59 countries. You can also activate the privacy options to forget about Internet trackers and browse as safely as possible.

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