Part as a favorite in the Electoral Assembly, in which he will be measured with the vice president of the Catalan employers’ association, Virginia Guinda

The president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendivillar lopezEFE
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The employers’ association celebrate this wednesday a Electoral Assembly to choose a new president for the next four years, a process in which the current president, Antonio Garamendi, seeks to revalidate his position before Virginia Guindavice president of the Catalan employers’ association Promotion of Workhis only opponent.

The Biscayan, 64, who assumed the presidency of the CEOE in november 2018 instead of Juan Rosell, part as a favorite in the elections, although his rival hopes that there will be members who will break the voting discipline of their associations in favor of Garamendi and support her.

At 9 in the morning there will be a first convocation of the Assembly and from 10on second call, the session will be opened and, after the appropriate procedures, The tables will open and the voting will begin. that will extend until half past one noon. At that time, the count of votes.

The number of votes at the close of the polls be like maximum of 784, although they do not correspond exactly to the number of people called to vote, since there are members who have the right to more than one vote for belonging to different business organizations (for example, a regional one and at the same time a sectorial one). Each member will have to prove themselves with their DNI and receive an accreditation for each vote they can cast (if they are entitled to two votes, for example, they will receive two folders with three ballots each: Garamendi’s, Guinda’s and another blank). . Voting is personal and secret.

Given the voting by mail is not allowedthose members who cannot physically attend the vote -which will be held at the National Music Auditorium, in Madrid- will not be able to cast their vote, with which it is expected that in total the participation stay among the 650 and the 680 votes.

Of the 240 organizationss that make up the CEOE, most have confirmed his support for Garamendi, as EL MUNDO has learned, but the vice president of Foment trusts that there are members who do not comply with the guidelines of the associations to which they belong and change their vote towards the Catalan one.

Once the count is finished, the employer will notify who has been the winner and he will meet with the Board of Directors to decide the date of the next meeting which will have to be held within a month, that is, before December 23. In that next meeting, the president of the employers’ association propose their candidates to occupy the vice-presidencies and form the Executive Committeenames that must be ratified by the Board.

Continuity if Garamendi continues

Sources close to Garamendi confirm to this medium that, if he continues in office, the trend will be continuity, since the president is satisfied with the work done in the last four years. However, one can expect some changesespecially among those who have shown their frontal opposition to the current president, such as Josep Snchez Llibre, President of Promotion of Treball.

The vice presidencies of the CEOE are distributed to give weight to the territorial employers and also at sectorialwith which the possible departure of Sánchez Llibre would not mean that the Catalan organization would be left without representatives.

Garamendi currently has eleven vice presidents. Some are representatives of certain groups such as gerardo cuerva (President of cepymethe employers of SMEs) or Lawrence Love (President of ATA, the majority association of self-employed workers); while others represent specific sectors such as Pilar Gnzalez de Frutos (president of Unespathe insurance employer); Ins Juste (industry representative pharmaceutical being president of the Juste Group and former vice president of the Family Business Association of Madrid); Julian Walnut (President of SEOPANthe Association of Construction Companies and Infrastructure Concessionaires); Marina Serrano (president of AELECthe Association of Electric Power Companies), or Iigo Fernndez de Mesa (representing the sector financial being president of Rothschild Spain, former Secretary of State for Economy and Business and former General Secretary of the Treasury).

The other four vice presidents represent territorial organizations: Miguel Garrido (President of CEIMthe Business Confederation of Madrid); Javier González de Lara (president of the CEAConfederation of Businessmen of Andalusia); Salvador Navarro (president of the CEVBusiness Confederation of the Valencian Community) and Josep Snchez Llibre (President of Promotion of Work).

In Garamendi’s circle of confidence there is also Fatima Bez, former Minister of Employment with the PP and architect of the labor reform of 2012; rose santos, director of the Department of Employment, Diversity and Social Protection and in charge of negotiating the latest reforms in terms of employment and pensions with the Government and unions; either Gregory Leftdirector of the Department of Economics and the Institute of Economic Studies.

Source: www.elmundo.es

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