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“Burkina Faso remains a friendly country for all countries that accept its friendship. Our ambition is to strengthen the ties of friendship with all countries for the happiness of peoples who seek only to get to know each other better. However, we expect each of our partners to be loyal to us. We therefore wish sincere and frank cooperation. We believe, perhaps wrongly, that some partners have not always been loyal.

How can we understand that terrorism has plagued our country since 2015, in indifference, if not with the complicity of some of our so-called partners? Where do they find the arms, the ammunition, the fuel, the money they have in abundance? How can countries that have control of space, with modern means of detection, not, if they are our true friends, give us the necessary information on the actions and movements of these terrorists?

It is then that the question arises. Haven’t we been too naive up to now in our relations with our partners? Without a doubt. Introspection is required. We will try, as much as possible, to diversify our partnership relations until we find the right formula for the interests of Burkina Faso.

But there will be no question of letting ourselves be dominated by a partner, whoever he is. In the fight against terrorism, it is up to the Burkinabè, and to them alone, to defend their homeland in danger. With of course the benevolent support of all those who want to accompany us. This is why the recruitment of fifty thousand volunteers for the defense of the homeland (VDP) was launched”.

These sentences are taken from the General Policy Statement of the Prime Minister of Burkina Faso, Apollinaire Joachimson Kyélem de Tambèla before the Transitional Legislative Assembly. It was November 19.

The day before, demonstrations took place in Ouagadougou to demand the “departure from France”. These demonstrations targeted the French Embassy and the French military base in Kamboinsé. In a press release signed by its spokesperson, Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo, the government of Faso called on the populations in general and the youth in particular for calm and restraint. “The government calls on the populations to calm and exercise restraint at the risk of plunging our country into a cycle of endless demonstrations, detrimental to our objectives of peace, stability and security, sought by our populations”, underlines the spokesperson. of the government. Before continuing: “He invites young people in particular not to be diverted, and to focus on the objectives of operational defense in the total war that we are waging against terrorism and on the sites of development, rather than on demonstrations. the kind whose benefits for the cause of our people’s struggle remain to be proven”.

Before the Transitional Legislative Assembly, Apollinaire Joachimson Kyélem de Tambèla asked relevant questions and also made an unequivocal decision. These remarks by the Prime Minister and the terms of the press release by the Government Spokesperson do not meet the desires of the street, which had been used as a “shield” by Captain Ibrahim Traoré to annihilate any hint of a response on the part of Colonel Damiba and his companions. For the moment, the street will not dictate to Prime Minister Apollinaire Joachimson Kyélem de Tamvèla and his government what to do.

Chiaka Doumbia

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