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The third time was the charm: Pablo Iglesias has achieved a teaching position at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the Complutense University. He will teach Analysis of political and electoral behavior and Theory and practice of democracies, subjects that depend on the Department of Political Science and Administration. A department where Iglesias will not be alone: ​​he will meet old friendsformer party colleagues and teachers who were also part of the Spanish politics.

The department is made up of 78 teachers, most of them as Professor and Researcher. of them, at least 13 have or have had some kind of relationship with Pablo Iglesias or with one of the existing left-wing parties in the country. None of the professors have any apparent ties to any political party. right wing ideology.

My greatest dream has always been to be a teacher.“, he said today on Twitter when communicating the news. The first of them was in October, when the cutoff of the Faculty of Information Sciences did not pass (a position that the former television presenter Sandra Daviú ended up taking). The second, when this That same month, the court of the Faculty of Political Sciences did not even evaluate his candidacy, something that Iglesias found “extremely strange.”

In this way, Pablo Iglesias begins a mental and professional recovery after the two disappointments that he suffered until now seeing his dream come true. Shortly before he today he took away the joy of having obtained the best score (7.5) Of the total number of applicants who applied, it was learned that the launch of a new Internet television channel is finalizing, Network Channel“to combat the media right”.

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Up to six professors from the UCM Department of Political Science and Administration have had some kind of link with the party that Iglesias founded. Among them stands out Juan Carlos Monedero, old friend of Iglesias and founding member of Podemos, a party of which he became one of the key figures as the ideologue of the project. However, there are five more people related to Podemos:

Pablo Iglesias with Juan Carlos Monedero upon arrival at a course organized by Podemos at the UCM.

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Carolina Bescansa. Sociologist, political scientist and, like Monedero e Iglesias, co-founder of Podemos on March 11, 2014. With the purple formation She became a deputy in Congress for Madrid in the XI and XII legislatures. As happened to many of the party’s ideologues, she distanced herself from the leadership until she ended up joining the coalition More Country-Equowithout obtaining a seat in the general elections of November 2019.

Augusto Adam Delkader. On December 20, 2019 Delkáder was appointed, by the president of the Congress of Deputies, together with Martín Alejandro Behar Kolln, assistant for the attention of the deputies of United We Can-En comú Podem-Galicia in Common. The person who proposed her candidacy was Irene Montero.

Ariel Ernesto Jerez. In the thesis of Pablo Iglesias, Crowd and post-national collective action: a comparative study of the disobedient: from Italy to Madrid (2000-2005), Ariel appears on page 25, in the preface, in a space dedicated to acknowledgments. “Ariel Jerez, subcommander from the mountains of Somosaguas whom I will always remember sharing ‘participant observation’ with his students, in Puerta del Sol, back in March 2003″, writes Iglesias. Ariel himself has now been secretary in the Court that has given the position to the former vice president of the Government, In addition to being a member of the State Citizen Council of Podemos.

Maria Bustelo. She has a degree in Education Sciences, with a master’s degree in Program Evaluation from the University of Illinois (USA), she directs the Master’s Degree in Program Evaluation and Public Policies at UCM. In addition to being a member of the court that has admitted Iglesias, she advised the Government of which Unidas Podemos is a part in the accountability report, in December 2020. She was also a professor in the controversial ‘Master of Podemos’, where He taught courses with his now colleagues Iglesias and Monederoin addition to other illustrious party members such as Pablo Echenique or Irene Montero.

Carolina Bescansa.

Maria Esther del Campo. Professor of the department, the friendship of this doctor in Political Science and Sociology with Iglesias comes from the fact that she is a member of the Central Electoral Board, at the proposal of Podemos. In fact, in March 2020 it was del Campo who presented Iglesias in the talk made famous by the student boycott.


Despite appearances, there are more professors from the new department of Churches linked to the PSOE than to Podemos. There are six in total, starting with Antonio Cotallowho was the 19th candidate of the PSOE for the Madrid City Council in 2019, the candidacy of Pepu Hernández that was unsuccessful.

Alvaro Aznar Fornies. He graduated in Law from the University of Zaragoza and his interest in politics materialized in the Master’s Degree in Government and Public Administration from the UCM. She belongs to the Superior Corps of State Civil Administrators, and also He has held various positions in former governments: Technical Adviser of the Recruitment Department at INAP (Ministry of the Presidency), Head of Recruitment and Legal Affairs Area and Deputy Deputy Director General of Human Resources (Ministry of Economy and Finance), or Deputy Director General of Human Resources (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment).

Ana Maria Fuentes Pacheco. It is, since 2018, Director of the Office of Regulatory Compliance of the PSOE, according to his LinkedIn. In addition, she has been Provincial Coordinator of the I. Andaluz de la Juventud in Málaga in the VI Legislature, member of the Board of the Parliament of Andalusia, spokesperson for the PSOE of Tourism in the Andalusian Parliament in the VI Legislature or Communication Secretary of the Provincial Executive of Malaga in the year 2001.

Jose Maria de Luxan Melendez. In 2006 he was appointed director of the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Universities and Research. Later he was a member adviser to the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government. Also, his brother Carlos was one of the first important socialist politicians of the Transitionsince he obtained a seat for Guadalajara in 1977 and, in 1982, he was president of the National Tourism Company.

Joan Navarro Martinez. He defines himself as a specialist in Political Strategy. He has a long history in the PSOE. He was secretary of the Socialist Youth of Castellón in 1984. Later he was president of the Youth Council of Castellón between 1987 and 1991, of the Youth Council of the Valencian Community between 1991 and 1994, and a member of the Valencian School Council between 1992 and 1994. He was an advisor to the Socialist Parliamentary Group in the Valencian Parliament between 1993 and 1999. In addition, he came to coordinate the communication of the Executive Commission of the Valencian PSOE.

Joan Navarro.

He was also appointed head of the Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Economic Policy and Occupation of the PSOE. He wrote the electoral program of the PSOE for the general elections of 2004. With the victory of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, he was appointed director of the Cabinet of the Minister of Public Administration. He participated in the elaboration of the Code of Good Government and Plan Concilia, collaborating in the Basic Statute of the Public Employee or the Law of State Agencies for the Improvement of Public Services.

Finally, in his political work he was appointed Director of Institutional Relations of the State Society for Mediterranean Waters and Basins (Ministry of the Environment).

Jose Manuel Ruano de la Fuente. He is the president of the commission that elects Pablo Iglesias. De la Fuente is also the director of the UCM master’s degree of which Begoña Gómez, Pedro Sánchez’s wife, is co-director.

IU and a colonel

Among the other professors in the department, there are many who only have professional activity as researchers or teachers. However, there are some who also occasionally write in various media, mainly, such as Ruth Ferrero Turrión or Víctor Alonso Rocafort.

The latter was also parliamentary coordinator of United Left in the Congress of Deputies between 2016 and 2019 and candidate for Congress on the list of Unidad Popular-Izquierda Unida por Madrid.

It also stands out, due to its very different profile within the group, Pedro Sanchez Heraez, Colonel of the Armyanalyst at the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies and PhD in Peace and Security.

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