What your Lunar Node reveals about the challenges of your life

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Many people are familiar with the ascendant or the moon sign, but very few know about the moon nodes. They are considered important and reinforcing elements with regard to our life path.

Astrologically, the positions of the planets at the time of our birth are also decisive for how our personality traits form and develop over the course of life. In addition to zodiac signs and the like, there is another exciting aspect that is still unknown to many: the lunar nodes. We reveal what they stand for and what significance we can take from them for our life.

Lunar Node: What is it anyway?

The lunar nodes are not celestial bodies, but the astronomical intersections between the (apparent) orbit of the sun, the ecliptic, and the orbit of the moon around the earth.

Incidentally, the northern, ascending lunar node is always opposed to the southern, descending lunar node, which forms an axis. In astrology, the nodes are seen as the meeting of two poles that symbolize our life path.

The descending, southern node stands for our past, the northern, ascending for our future.

South Node: What it symbolizes

The descending, southern node of the moon is all about our origins, the energies of our birth and habits from our childhood. Often we still carry subconscious dynamics within us that we are not even aware of. Knowing these is interesting insofar as it allows us to define parallels to today’s behavioral patterns. It can be a relief for your own feelings if you know how to classify your impulse reactions.

North Node: That’s what it’s all about

The ascending, northern node of the moon, on the other hand, symbolizes the life tasks, the energies and the qualities that lie ahead of us and are to be developed. He shows us how we can get the greatest possible potential out of ourselves and how we can develop our nature even better. The meaning of this lunar node is therefore particularly important in terms of your future.

You can’t always identify with the description, but that’s not the point. It is much more important to recognize the differences, because that is where the real advice for the future lies.

These aspects can bring forth new strengths and great qualities that are still undiscovered in you.

This is how you can find out in which zodiac sign your lunar nodes are located

To find out which zodiac sign our personal nodes are in, you can enter your birth dates in an online calculator. This calculates both your northern and southern lunar nodes.

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