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New chapter in the soap opera of Twitter and Elon Musk. It seems that laying off 75% of the workforce has consequences for the service.

after the layoffs and the resigns of employees in Twitter, many feared that the network would collapse. At the moment it has not happened, but failures are being detected. users are uploading entire movies to Twitter, and the system does not automatically block them as before. Do you want to see Fast & Furious in 50 tweets?

Elon Musk’s entry on Twitter, like an elephant in a glassware, has wreaked havoc on the social network.

The first thing he did was fire 50% of the workforce, both to cut expenses and to expel the executives who had taken him to court for the delay in the purchase, after the controversy with the bots. His incomprehensible decisions, such as notifying that he was going to charge for everything, or giving away the account verification without verifying the identity, which caused chaos, scared away many advertisers.

Faced with the serious crisis, Musk issued an ultimatum to his employees: they would have to work very hard for long hours, or else out on the street. Hundreds of them decided to resign outright. So after layoffs and resignations, it is estimated that 75% of the Twitter staff is no longer there.

Movies and entire series uploaded to Twitter

Can the social network work with just 25% of your staff? It works for now, but it seems obvious that most employees are focused on the basic functions (so that the network does not go down), leaving other network functions unattended, which are also very important.

One of the systems that seems broken is the one that blocks copyright protected content. It’s a piece of software that automatically deletes movies or music that are uploaded in tweets, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Forbes has located user accounts that they are uploading whole movies What Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift either need for speed in 50 or 60 tweets with 2 minutes of video each:

Previously, an automated system blocked these videos in a matter of seconds. But Forbes has been able to verify how some of them have remained almost 2 days online.

In addition, the videos have not been blocked, but the account has been completely suspended. It seems that the automatic system is broken or inoperative, and some employee is canceling the accounts manually, that’s why it’s taking so long.

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The day to day in TwitterFor the few remaining workers, it must be a nightmare.

Yes Twitter does not fix his anti-piracy softwarewith the Soccer World Cup already underway, it is not surprising that the network is filled, not only with movies and series that they get on Twitterbut also of complete football matches of the World Cup. With each passing day, things get more complicated for Elon Musk.


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