Since last Friday, November 18, The one that is coming premiered its 13th season on Amazon Prime Video a controversy has shaken social networks: there are many viewers who have harshly charged against those responsible, accusing the script of fatophobia for what they have done with the character played by Miren Ibarguren.

After a temporary jump between seasons, Yolanda Morcillo, a character played by the actress, is presented as an overweight woman who does not recognize herself when looking in the mirror. The reason behind his physical change, a depression suffered as a result of the breakup with his last partner. Thus, her plot in the first chapters involves seeing how her mother deals with this new reality, even going so far as to put a lock on the fridge to prevent her from continuing to gain weight.

This portrayal of being overweight has shocked a sector of the public, very critical of how they have approached this reality in fiction: “Freaking out that in 2022 a fat suit to continue making the joke with the fat. She thought that this level of fatphobia was in the past (Monica in friends) and we agreed that it was wrong, but no, once again fatphobia is still a joke”, writes Ashla Heartfilia on Twitter, alluding to the costume with which the actress is disguised to make her fat on screen.

Precisely Ibarguren has been very active in this regard during filming, sharing with her followers at all times her transformation to give life to the character, very happy with the change in direction of her plot. It has been this notorious transformation that has earned the series a multitude of criticisms: “It seems to me a fucking shame that at this point in life there are series like The one that is coming that they continue to use fat suit Y dedicate themselves to ridicule fat people to grotesque levels. We are not your fucking circus monkeys,” An Winterfell writes angrily.

But beyond the hot criticism, this fact has also provoked deep and interesting reflections on the representation of fatness in the audiovisual industry, such as the one carried out by Magda Pineyro on her Instagram account, where she analyzes fatphobia and ableism on television: “The series The one that is coming has dressed one of his actresses in a fat suit (dressed as a fat woman) for overflowing scenes of fatphobia in her new season. Yes, in the middle of 2022. The fat suit is a suit that is used in film and television so that a thin person can pass for a fat person. This in and of itself is fatphobic, as fat people should be represented by fat people.“.

The scenes are humiliating: the fat person is portrayed as a person who “has given up”, who only wants to “sit down” and not move, a person who “needs to close the fridge”you have to punish her by forcing her to look in the mirror so she can see how horrible she is and she has to go to the endocrinologist to lose weight, etc., thus pointing out that fat people are ugly, lazy, lazy, out of control… (nothing new under the sun of fatophobia)”, analyzes the young woman.

Look at Ibarguren, in ‘La que se avecina’. (First Video)

But Magda goes much further: “Also, they laugh that I can’t move: They put her lying on the ground without being able to get up. This is not the first time I’ve seen laughter alluding to fat people not being able to move. And the truth is that there are fat people who can move a lot and fat people who can move little or not at all. And this should not be a reason for mockery. That is ableism (discrimination against people according to their abilities or disabilities)“.

“Many times I have been told ‘fat women can’t even tie their shoes.’ capabilities, we should all have the right to live a life free from violence, humiliation and discrimination; we should all live in a world where cultural products do not use our bodies and their characteristics or abilities as a joke,” concludes Pineyro forcefully.

“We cannot continue justifying violence towards a corporality for the sake of it”

Following the torrent of criticism, many fans of fiction have come to its defense, brandishing precisely that flag, that it is a fiction where satire has always been made with all kinds of issues. It is true that The one that is coming has raised many blisters throughout its more than ten years on the air, mainly at the hands of characters as questioned as Antonio Recio, through whom its writers execute the most macho, racist, homophobic or xenophobic plots and who are in charge of portray for this reason (the look of the series is not exactly favorable towards his character, quite the contrary, as happened with Mauricio Colmenero in aida). But in this particular case, Many of those who defend this line of argument place special emphasis on the fact that the actress was pregnant at the time of the recording, for which reason those responsible for the series have chosen to hide it with this plot..

Far from convincing the most critical, there are those who throw this argument to the ground. This is what Croquetamente does, he says that he considers that “it is no coincidence that all the people who are trying to justify what The one that is coming saying miren was pregnant on set be skinny people. I don’t blame you, really. I just want to invite you to reflect because it is the only way to deconstruct your own fatphobia and get closer to our experience. Only from the privilege of thinness can one try to justify something so humiliating. It is nice to try to think well of others, but we cannot continue to justify violence towards a corporality for the sake of it”.

Look at Ibarguren, in ‘La que se avecina’. (First Video)

“Our bodies are not a disguise. Isn’t it true that no one is disguised as thin? Or handsome? No, we are disguised as bald, fat, ugly, lame or stuttering because the diverse and non-normative has been associated with something funny, something to laugh at, something to flee from so as not to be a laughing stock. Fatphobia is no longer a debate. Fatphobia is not justified. It is observed and learned. Just as we have learned not to debate other forms of discrimination. I understand that we have this in our brains, but it is very important that we realize this, “he continues in his stories.

“The thing about LQSA It has been a shit because we already talked about this in the national press, radio and television. No one can say ‘oops I didn’t fall’ anymore because with a little bit of an open look, you know that this is not right. That someone prefers to justify a pregnancy by disguising the actress as fat and attributing a humiliating and stigmatizing plot to her rather than saying that she has become pregnant by a man she met in Huesca… Well, look, I don’t know. It is that there is nowhere to take it. So please, please, please do not turn me on trying to justify something from your privilege. Listen, reflect, forge your own opinion. But you do not want to see goodness and innocence where there is none. Laughing at people is not right,” says Croquetamente.

Photo: Estela Reynolds (Antonia San Juan), in 'La que se avecina'.  (Mediaset)

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Alvaro Roldan

Ana Pizarro, model and activist, speaks in a similar sense body positive, in their social networks. After leaving the actress out of the debate, she focuses on the industry and the creators of the series: “Could we ask ourselves why the script approach makes an actor have to dress up as a fat man? There are millions of stories and thousands of conflicts that a character can face in a plot. We are in 2022, these types of proposals are obsolete and I’m sure that those who pilot can offer more original and not-so-dandy stories in which it is not necessary to represent a group in such a hurtful way. I say again, the script does not justify that things cannot be done in other ways. Being fat is not a fucking disguise,”

“Fat people are underrepresented in this industry. We practically do not appear in the series or in the movies and when we do appear it is through a disguise, through a clichΓ©. It makes me so angry that we don’t think this is not right. It is tremendously unfair. As a fat person I say that this is very hurtful and strong,” concludes Pizarro.

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