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The story that happened to the 33-year-old British woman sounds like a cheap horror movie script – unfortunately, Natalie Rene experienced it for real. “I was afraid I was going to die there,” the terrified woman confessed after her visit to the tanning salon nearly ended in tragedy.

Natalie, a private mother of four, decided to visit the Miami Sun salon, located in Loughborough (Leicestershire). It wasn’t her first time in a tanning salon, but this time something had definitely gone wrong. “I already thought it would be my coffin,” she told the media. The heavy sunbed cover slammed shut four times while the woman was inside.

She locked herself in the tanning bed. “I thought this would be my coffin”

When Natalie realized that the bed might not open again, she panicked and immediately pressed the button to turn off the UV lamps. She was horrified by the vision of severe burns. “I thought it was going to be my coffin,” she said, adding that her most terrifying thoughts revolved around “burning to death.”

“I’m really strong, but the lid was so heavy that I couldn’t lift it on my own. I was just tossing and turning,” she explained. In addition, the British woman does not take well to being in small, confined spaces, so being trapped in a sunbed was a real nightmare for her. Even though the lamps had gone off, Natalie felt her cries for help “take forever.”

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Her screams were not heard until several minutes later

Fortunately, after about 5 minutes, her screams were heard by staff members. Unfortunately, even the solarium staff was unable to lift the lid. It was necessary to call the emergency number.

Natalie Rene was freed from her “prison” only after the intervention of firefighters. In their opinion, the problem turned out to be a broken hinge of the device: “I am extremely grateful to them,” she emphasized, also thanking all the people who cheered her up during the rescue operation. Although British media asked for comment on the owner of the tanning salon, he did not comment on the incident.

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