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It is strange that now there are no specialists in literary pronunciation who have historically always worked on television. Imagine a situation where the presenter in the studio makes an introduction to the report “from Kosovo”, and the correspondent picks up the topic and says that he is … “in Kosovo”. Brad, of course.

There are TV channels that exclude anglicisms, excessive professionalism and require commentators not to say “lateral”, that is, in fact, they are engaged in taste, but at the same time they do not pay attention to key things. Well, total illiteracy is, alas, a reality.

So what about Qatar?

Around the toponym “Qatar” there are still disputes about its pronunciation. In dictionaries for television workers, the option with an emphasis on the first syllable is considered the only correct one. Sometimes you have to hear: how is it, other words give two options … Yes, the erroneous and colloquial version with an emphasis on the second syllable is so common that many dictionaries already mark it as acceptable. But here we must remember that dictionaries not only fix the norm, but also reflect changing trends in the language. Whether we like it or not, we are totally degrading in the field of literacy, so I personally admit that very soon the word “ringing” will complement the dictionary norm “ringing”.

There is a rhyme to remember:

I have a great frame

From a vacation in the state of Qatar.

There is a variant with an accent on the second syllable, but this is a completely different word. Qatar is an outdated name for inflammation of the mucous membrane of an organ. The word comes from the ancient Greek “katarhoos”, in translation – “flow, runoff.” Now the disease is called “catarrhal inflammation”, but the old name can still be found.

So let’s recap. According to a strict literary norm, the first syllable will be stressed – KAtar.

Source: Sovsport

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